Delaney and Democrats Dupe 6th District

My mind, for whatever reason, works in a different way than most – usually when I process information I tie it back to some sort of cultural reference. So when you’re watching a show like Family Guy, and they do that thing where they cut to a random scene with a vague cultural reference that maybe 50% of the viewers get… that’s what it’s like in my head all of the time.

Naturally, when I heard that Representative John Delaney (MD 6) had decided to use his nugatory accomplishments in Congress as a launching pad for higher office – the highest office – the first thing that came to mind was the scene from Batman Returns (early ‘90s, when they were good before they were bad, and then made good again) when the Penguin has a recording of himself played for the crowd in Gotham to hear:

“You have to admit, I played this stinkin’ city like a harp from hell.”

Maryland Democrats gerrymandered the state of Maryland so badly that even The Atlantic pointed it out, and they did so for the sole purpose of getting Congressman Roscoe Bartlett out of office. The outcome of the first election after their gerrymandering was the election of the wealthy Montgomery County banker John Delaney who received most of his votes from areas close to DC than he did from western Maryland.

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John Delaney was elected in 2012 and since then his reputation has been that of a rather rather inconsequential member of congress – well, besides flip-flopping on the Iran Deal, which he voted in favor of giving money to a regime that is vowing to continue missile tests. The representative has been busy pursuing higher office from the start, including trolling Governor Larry Hogan with a billboard truck. As a result he ended up winning the April Gubernatorial straw poll among western Maryland Democratic activists (essentially college professors and paid political staffers).

With this impressive list of accomplishments, John Delaney has decided he is ready to run for the White House in 2020…

So, in the words of Politico: What is John Delaney Thinking?

There are two directions he can take after this most recent chess move:

  1. This is a great way to get his name ID up nationwide, but that would include Maryland. People in the state of Maryland who haven’t heard of him before (because he really hasn’t done anything of consequence) will be interested to hear that someone in Maryland is challenging President Trump. But in the end, he could still be aiming for Hogan’s seat – a quixotic undertaking that has shown me which of my Maryland Democratic friends are Kool-Aide-drinking party sycophants, and which have a decent grasp of reality.
  2. John Delaney is just running for President – simple as that. This looks to be the more likely case.His ads are showing up across the country, even in Florida:

He has a Friends of John Delaney group which has in their possession but managed to fail to buy It also has a different domain holding company for privacy reasons than, and no one has procured as of yet (apparently $4,400 is too rich for the blood of the 4th richest member of congress).

So let’s assume Representative Delaney is really jumping into the 2020 presidential race for legitimate reasons. Why would he O’Malley himself out of Maryland politics this way?  I’m sure this decision has nothing to do with the fact that a recent poll had Governor Hogan as the second most popular governor in the entire country. Things were looking promising when the delusional democrats of western Maryland thought they had someone who could give Hogan a run for his money. But unseating the second most popular governor in the country? Not likely…

But why is Representative John Delaney running? Feel free to read his extraordinarily hackneyed Op-Ed in the Washington Post here. Apparently his claim to humble beginnings is the key (because that allowed him to somehow beat a man back in 2012 who actually lived through the Great Depression). After that, there is a surprising amount of rather Trumpian language:

“I am first and foremost an American. I believe in a common national identity.”

When Trump says it, it’s “nationalist.” When Delaney says it it’s “blue collar.”

The men and women of Maryland’s 6th Congressional district were duped. The Maryland Democrats schemed to disenfranchise the hardworking people of western Maryland by gerrymandering their district so that their vote didn’t count anymore, and they were given this starched shirt from Montgomery County who had no intention of serving the people of Maryland’s 6th district.

You were betrayed, Maryland 6th. The Democrats took away your vote’s worth and then gave you someone who didn’t even want to be there.

Next year is the time to put someone in office who wants to be there for a change.

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