Controversy Erupts Over Young Republican Convention

Controversy has erupted over a possible White House visit associated with the Young Republican National Convention that will be held in Annapolis next week.

Earlier this week, the YR Resurgence ticket announced that there would be a visit to the White House Associated with the YR National Convention. The YR Resurgence ticket is led by Maryland Young Republicans Chairman Kory Boone.

Today the official YR Annapolis Convention Event on Facebook posted information regarding the convention and the White House visit, which had some curious information:

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The White House visit has elicited a lot of controversy in a few particular areas:

  1. There are serious concerns about the RSVP option provided for the White House visit. The RSVP link goes to the personal website of Nicolee Ambrose, Maryland’s Republican National Committeewoman. There are concerns that the RSVP for this event is not going to Eventbrite or another RSVP method like the other events listed in the screencap above are collecting RSVPs, but to Ambrose’s personal website. There are concerns from several YR’s that Ambrose is going to collect this data for her personal political benefit and not for the benefit of the Maryland YR’s.
  2. Secondarily, sources tell me that Ambrose is going to vet the people who can actually attend the White House visit. They indicate that Ambrose indicates that any Young Republican who opposed Trump at any point will be excluded from the White House visit. That leads to the third point…
  3. And that’s that Ambrose, who has aged out of the Young Republicans, is playing politics with the convention. A recent Breitbart article was implying that Boone’s ticket is the only ticket that is pro-Trump in the race for Young Republican National Chairman.  Boone has identified Ambrose publicly as his “mentor”. Several Young Republicans believe that Ambrose’s visit and her RSVP system are designed to punish people who are not sufficiently supportive of Boone’s YR Resurgent ticket (this despite the screen captures have surfaced indicating that Boone was a “Never Trump” Republican virtually all of the way through the Republican National Convention). There is also speculation that Ambrose leaked the visit to Boone in order to bolster his candidacy, as the post linked above was posted prior to either the YR Annapolis committee or the Young Republican National Federation being aware that the visit was official scheduled and prior to the visit being fully coordinated.

I reached out to Ms. Amborse to get her take on the controversy:


I have a few questions:

1. The registration for the White House tour directs to your website and not to the YR Annapolis site. Why is this, when other events link to Eventbrite, Anedot, etc

2. I understand that the attendees for the White House will be vetted and that nobody who opposed Trump at any time will be allowed to attend. Is that accurate?


At the time of publication, Ambrose has not responded.

With the Young Republican convention beginning one week from tonight in Annapolis, we’ll keep an eye on this controversy as it develops.

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