Brian Frosh is Lying, and Everybody Knows It

We’ve chronicled the fact that Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh is an undignified partisan hack before, but his latest stunt really takes the cake.

In responding to the redistricting lawsuit against the state of Maryland, Frosh had the audacity to say that Republican voters were not targeted in the redistricting lawsuit. Really:

Frosh, a Democrat, countered Friday that there is no evidence the General Assembly targeted individual Republicans for retribution. He also noted that a voter isn’t entitled to be represented in Congress by someone of like mind.

“All of plaintiffs’ arguments hinge on a single false premise: That individuals who affiliate with a party have a right to maintain electoral successes gained by their party under prior redistricting maps,” Frosh wrote. “Plaintiffs have produced no evidence that any decision maker ‘specifically intended to burden the representational rights of certain citizens.'”

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Of course, the Sun story written by John Fritze, directly contradicts that very statement:

Lawyers deposed former Gov. Martin O’Malley, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller and House Speaker Michael E. Busch as part of the lawsuit this year. In transcripts of those interviews, made public this month, O’Malley acknowledged that part of his goal was to make the 6th District more friendly to Democratic candidates.

Though that was not a surprise — O’Malley was the leader of the state Democratic Party at the time, as well as governor — it was the first time an elected official involved in the process acknowledged what was widely believed. Miller and Busch both continued to say partisan politics had nothing to do with the redistricting.

The thing, of course, that Fritze ignores is the fact that Frosh is also serving as the legal counsel to Senate President Miller. We chronicled earlier how Frosh was involved as Miller’s counsel for his deposition and discussed whether or not Miller perjured himself.

The notion that Frosh would come out and say that “there is no evidence the General Assembly targeted individual Republicans for retribution” on the face of it may be technically correct. But of course Frosh’s general premise is that Republicans themselves were not the target of Democratic efforts to redistrict the state to a greater Democratic advantage; something that everybody knows (remember my 2011 testimony?) and even Martin O’Malley acknowledged. In fact, O’Malley even acknowledged that there was a Republican who was individually targeted for retribution; Roscoe Barlett:

The lawsuit, filed in 2013 by a former federal employee, is shedding new light on the machinations that took place behind the scenes as Democrats sought to oust Republican Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett from the seat he had held for nearly two decades.

“That was my hope,” O’Malley told attorneys in a deposition. “It was also my intent to create … a district where the people would be more likely to elect a Democrat than a Republican.”

Mapmakers extended the boundaries of Bartlett’s Western Maryland district into Democratic portions of Montgomery and Frederick counties after the 2010 Census, and former banker John Delaney, a Democrat, won the seat in 2012 by nearly 21 percentage points.

Frosh’s statement doesn’t even pass the most basic of smell tests.

The sickening thing about Frosh’s logic with his statement is that it covers all matter of sins. Under his logic, all sorts of evils can be justified because it didn’t target any “individual” for retribution even though an entire class of citizenry were targeted in such a way. Some of the worst policy decisions of our nation’s history came from the same type of warped logic that Frosh is employing here.

That Frosh is a partisan hack is known to everybody. But the fact that Frosh is willing to tell bold-faced lies to the court and to the public at large shows the panicked levels of desperation coming from Maryland Democrats, and how Maryland’s radical left will stop at nothing to try to continue to game the system to their advantage.

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