Hillary? Hillary who?

After a brief hiatus to focus on a new priority, Ms. Cowan returns with a musing on priorities.

I took a short break from political-related writing after my last post. The primary reason for my break was to shift focus to some exciting developments in my personal life. [Shout out to the love of my life!] I’ve spent the last couple of months focusing on love, work, and enjoying springtime in the city.

I was prompted to begin writing after a series of events. First, there was a long discussion with my above mentioned love about Baltimore City and handgun restrictions . The discussion, in which we exchanged similar-but-not-the-same views, reminded me of why I stay in Baltimore and attempt to remain engaged in furthering conservative causes. Next, came the May 31st  Baltimore Sun editorial “Choose civility, please” regarding the recent Kathy Griffin stunt. Subsequently, I sent a response letter to the editor which was printed in the Baltimore Sun on June 3rd. Finally, I received two invitations to a June 5th protest of a Hillary Clinton appearance. Those three events brought me back from my self-described “vacation” from writing. The urge to write returned suddenly, and oh did I miss it so much! Thankfully, Red Maryland has allowed my ramblings to continue once more.

Hillary?! Where?

On Sunday, when I received the first invitation (via text message) to participate in a protest of Hillary Clinton’s fundraising appearance in Baltimore City, I didn’t give it much thought. I declined, stating that I preferred to lay low for a while. I had been receiving threatening messages from a crazed liberal in Baltimore via social media, and figured I’d rather spend my Monday night sitting on my stoop or watching reruns of “Arrested Development,” than escalating the situation. (I’ve been slowly earning the reputation of needlessly making a scene and have been trying to ease up on that a bit). Additionally, after living in Baltimore for the past three years, I know some things about “peaceful protests.” Peaceful protests (or any situation in Baltimore) can quickly turn violent and ain’t nobody got time for that. After all, isn’t this supposed to be “the Land of Pleasant Living?”

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I began to take notice of the situation on Monday morning after I received the second invitation via email. Of course, I was already aware of Clinton’s plan to fund raise with Congressman Elijah Cummings on June 5th at the Frederick Douglass – Isaac Myers Maritime Park in Fells Point. I had originally read about it in the Baltimore Sun on May 17th. I had chuckled at the irony that a park celebrating two Republicans was chosen as the spot for the fundraiser. I’m sure Clinton felt obligated to pay back Cummings for his loyal performance during the Benghazi Hearings. Why else would she come to Baltimore? At the relatively cheap price of $125 a ticket, I assumed she had hit an embarrassing new low.  I simply didn’t care enough to put any more attention to the issue and forgot about it

After thinking about the invitations to the anti-Hillary protest, I began to wonder: Is this the best use of conservatives’ time? Exactly what are we protesting?

Hillary?! Who cares?!

I think many people are missing the apparently-not-as-obvious-as-it-should-be fact that the 2016 election is over. Clinton, vanquished, has recoiled back to her lair. Her November 9th announcement of her election defeat was, most certainly, a death knell. Why are motivated conservatives or Republicans in and around Baltimore who are looking for action, choosing an irrelevant target for their attention?

In my June 3rd response to the Baltimore Sun’s editorial related to Kathy Griffin’s photo shoot in which the “comedian” included a simulated bloody head of President Trump, I said the following:

“In the past few weeks, I’ve been reminded of a saying that self-help gurus preach (and we know Baltimore could use some self-help right now). The saying goes something like: “Instead of being anti-something, be pro-something else.”

At some point, I’m sure every one of us has wasted time being “anti-“ something, instead of “pro-“ something else in opposition. In my last post at Red Maryland, I had the choice of writing in favor of a new conservative group in Baltimore City or writing to expose what I perceived was blocking the new group. Essentially, I could have chosen to write “for” something or “against” something. I chose both. Regret-free, I feel that the writing was relevant to the argument of the moment. What was the result of that argument? Well, the whole situation finally ended in the bizarre climax of a rather incoherent (perhaps inadvertent?) reply-all email by an aggrieved party to several members of the relevant groups, dispute mediators, and casual observers. The email mentioned something about “hypocritical hilarity” and a “lunch break.” The End.

In this situation, Clinton’s presence in Baltimore is no longer the argument of the moment. In fact, I dare say Hillary-bashing has become quite passé. The ultra-liberal discussion group “Baltimore City Voters” on Facebook posted a link to the Baltimore Sun article detailing the planned fundraiser and many of the group followers exhibited their displeasure in the comments. When liberals don’t even want to discuss Hillary, then why are we still making her a big deal?

Now what?!

I’ve learned from experience that sometimes fighting against something is not as productive as fighting for something else.  In this instance, instead of wasting time being anti-Hillary, let’s be pro-anything else. Choose any of the Republican initiatives-of-the-moment in Maryland. Instead of shouting down liberals in Fells Point, how about joining the wonderful Nicolee Ambrose on a Super Saturday to door knock for a Republican candidate who needs you? If you want to take action,  perhaps there are other ways to help.

Heck, if your focus is Baltimore City – donate to our Baltimore City Republican Central Committee right here . Apparently, we’re waiting to hold our annual fundraiser until all the other committees get theirs out of the way. We wouldn’t want a Lincoln Day Dinner featuring David Bossie or Governor Hogan to compete with another Lincoln Day Dinner featuring David Bossie or Governor Hogan. ????

Folks, we all have limited time and energy. We have obligations to our families, friends, churches, communities, and employers. Any extra time we choose to dedicate to causes should be positive and enjoyable. I’d rather cheer on any Republican, than waste time shouting at Democrat has-beens.

So, next time someone mentions you-know-who, will you know what to do? If we keep her name on our lips, we continue to provide her the opportunity to skulk. Remember that old Michael Keaton/Winona Ryder movie from the 80s? What happens when you say, “Betelgeuse, beetlejuice, …?”

And with that being said…if you guys need me, I’ll be on my lunch break

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