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Trump rocks the middle east, Ahmed Mohammed’s (Clock Boy)lawsuit gets tossed. More war on smokers in Maryland.  Debunking the campus rape culture myth! Absolutely bat-crap craziness on campus…kids, GET YOUR ASSES TO YOUR CLASSES. A girl does the right thing by choosing life for her unborn child as a high school students, but her school is banning her from graduation, plus much more!


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In 1856, the Steamship Arabia went down with its complete cargo.  150 years later, a determined group of adventurers (not archaeologists) located the remains of the ship 45 feet down in a corn field.  They excavated and created an incredible museum in Kansas City.  David Hawley, one of those adventurers joins me to talk about his newest find, the Steamship Malta, which went down 15 years before the Arabia.  Corn samples have revealed this could be an incredible find that already has the archaeology world buzzing.

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