Red Maryland Post-Session Survey: Mike Malone

What is your top legislative achievement for the 2017 General Assembly Session?

Individually, passing a Bill as the primary sponsor to make home invasion a crime of violence which enables the sentence of an individual convicted of a home invasion to receive an enhanced penalty and fewer “good time” credits delaying release after sentence. Collectively, working with the other Republicans of the Anne Arundel County Delegation to pass an elected School Board Bill.

What are some of your other legislative achievements for the 2017 General Assembly Session?

Supporting the Governor’s Budget of limited growth and no new taxes. Working with other Republicans to stop the passing of the Maryland Trust Act which would have made Maryland a sanctuary State

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What is your top legislative disappointment for the 2017 General Assembly Session?

Being unable due to the power of the Democrats in the House to pass real redistricting reform

We asked before Session about your top legislative priorities for 2017. How do you feel about your efforts to achieve those priorities?

My top pre-session priority was for real redistricting reform. It failed, but I will continue to fight

Please explain your vote on House Bill 631.

I voted for HB 631 in hopes of preventing inappropriate price gouging for generic drugs

Will you be running for re-election in 2018? Why or why not?

Yes, I will be running for Delegate in District 33 in 2018. I shall be running to continue to support fiscal responsibility in the State of Maryland and to stop both State legislative and Congressional gerrymandering of districts.

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