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Today’s Mayday show is gigantic with tons of audio from The White House Correspondent’s dinner, Trump’s speech while NOT attending the dinner.  Michelle Malkin’s take on the entire affair.  Donald Trump audio.  Ann Coulter shreds academia in an artful and brilliant way.  You’re really gonna enjoy this show.

I go after Stephen Colbert for his vile, homophobic rant about Donald Trump.  I paid tribute to an amazing monologue by Jimmy Kimmel. Donald Trump on the Civil War and more, and Morning Joe thinks Donald Trump has dementia like his Mother…way to through Mom under the bus Joe! Plus bad Youtube parents lose their kids because they’re abusive jerks.

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This show is about absurdity:  The absurdity of cultural appropriation, the absurdity of political correctness interspersed with audio and fun/odd stories around the country.  It’s a delightful departure from politics today!

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