Why is Pat McDonough Lying About an FBI Investigation?

One day after I praised him, Delegate Pat McDonough decided to lie about an FBI investigation.

As you may have heard, Republican consulting firm Strategic Campaign Group was raided by the FBI today. WBAL-TV did a story on this, and they talked to Pat McDonough and McDonough. Well……

Strategic Campaign Group’s national clients include the Tea Party and the Conservative Majority Fund. The local client lists include Maryland state House Minority Leader Nic Kipke, and Delegate Pat McDonough used the firm while running for Congress. According to McDonough, the company did work for Gov. Larry Hogan and the GOP caucus.

The WBAL story was absolutely correct when it comes to the work that it did for some clients. Kipke was one of the clients, and he rightly disavowed using the company until such time as all of these questions were cleared up. The Sun article does include a reference to SCP having the Hogan campaign as a client. Why? Because the Hogan campaign was not a client of the Strategic Campaign Group. A basic search of the State Board of Elections Campaign Finance Database shows that Strategic Campaign Group did no work for the Hogan campaign at all. None.

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We know why WBAL went to McDonough for a comment; he always says outrageously quotable things that work well on TV, regardless of their accuracy. But WBAL should also have known better than to take McDonough at his word and some basic research on Strategic Campaign Group’s clientele. They had the list of other candidates, so they also should have been able to note that Hogan was not one of their clients.

So why did Delegate Pat McDonough say that the company did work for Hogan? Who knows. But it once again shows how Baltimore County Republicans can do better than McDonough as a candidate in 2018.

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