Maryland Democrats Step On Rake, Admit They’ve Raised State and Local Taxes Too Much

The Maryland Democratic Party has launched a full-press attack on Larry Hogan today for not speaking out against the President Trump tax plan:
How long will Governor Larry Hogan ‘not comment’ on President Donald Trump’s proposed tax hike on Marylanders?
Today, the Party launched a clock on the its homepage to count how long Hogan refuses to stand up for Maryland taxpayers against Trump.

This all goes back to a story in the Sun the other day talking about the Trump tax plan.

White House officials proposed eliminating the deduction as part of a broader tax package that they said will reduce federal income taxes overall. But the deduction, which nearly half of Maryland taxpayers claim, is widely popular in states with high income and local tax rates.

Forty-five percent of Maryland filers took the state and local tax deduction in 2014, availing themselves of the ability to not pay federal taxes on income used to pay local taxes, according to an analysis by the Tax Policy Center. The average amount of the deduction was $12,400.

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Governor Hogan hasn’t refused comment, like the Democrats suggest; he just wants to read the bill before taking a position on it.

The bill does eliminate the deduction. But it also mitigates the elimination of the deduction by doubling the standard deduction that is available to every American tax filer.

So why are the Democrats calling this a potential tax hike? Because residents in high tax states could be adversely affected by the switch from the state and local tax deduction to the standard deduction. And why is that? It’s because the Maryland Democratic Party has raised taxes to unsustainable levels on individuals and businesses at the state level and in the counties controlled by the Democrats. The reason that tax payers are at risk has nothing to do with Washington and everything to do with the fact that Maryland’s Democratic Party has an insatiable appetite for your tax dollars.

Take a bow Democrats, for you’ve truly stepped on this rake.

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