Democratic Delegate Attacks Larry Hogan for being a cancer survivor

Governor Larry Hogan today vetoed the Democrats invasive and far reaching paid sick leave bill. We’ll talk more about the bill in a future post.

Needless to say that Democrats are having a total meltdown about this. But nobody had a bigger meltdown than Montgomery County Delegate Andrew Platt attacking the Governor because the Governor survived cancer.

This actually happened.

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Not content to only go there once, Platt continued with more baseless attacks.

Platt of course knows that this is nonsense and that the Governor can’t “strip” rights from people. But facts are irrelevant to Delegate Platt when. Why use facts when you attack the Governor’s health?

If Democrats want to criticize the Governor’s policy decision, that’s fair. But if Democrats want to continue to love up to their mascot and act like jackasses, their going to find out that the electorate isn’t going to put up with that.

Playt’s behavior is deplorable and he should apologize. He won’t of course, but a public servant of any decency would.

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