Bryan Simonaire *Still* Exploiting Suicides by Veterans

State Senator Bryan Simonaire is at it again. We’ve talked about his exploitation of suicides by veterans not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR times since March. And yet here we are, still talking about Simonaire and his exploitation.

Simonaire took to the pages of the Pasadena Voice to personally attack me for my role in calling him out for his exploitation, both here at Red Maryland and in a letter to the Voice in April. I’ll let you read Simonaire’s whole response here.

There are a couple of things that are key to point out about Simonaire’s response:

  • He never apologizes for his exploitation of veterans;
  • Simonaire’s original bill never explicitly mentioned suicides, as we have documented at Red Maryland. The only mention of suicide was made by Committee. Simonaire had nothing to do with these amendments.
  • Simonaire says that “When I reached out to Brian, he refused to talk with me. Sometimes you realize that no matter what you do, some people will never support your efforts.” This is a bold face and blatant lie. Bryan’s idea of “reaching out” was to try and start a flame war on Facebook. He didn’t email me (he has my email). He didn’t call me (he has my number, and if he lost it, he knows plenty of people who have it). It’s hard for somebody to “refuse to talk” to somebody when there was never an effort made.
  • And here’s the key: at no point did Simonaire deny anything that I said about his efforts to exploit veterans or that he was more interested in self-promotion than he was in policy. None whatsoever.

It’s obvious that Simonaire is bothered by being called out like this. It’s why he continues to respond time and time again to our pointing out these issues, but never actually refutes what I’m saying. The only parts of my argument that he has refuted is that suicides were mentioned in the bill, which they were not when Simonaire wrote the bill and was only inserted by the Committee later.

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Simonaire’s bill is now law, even as questions of its effectiveness linger and while other veterans issues in District 31 occur without his attention. But what’s not in dispute is Simonaire’s continued crass exploitation of the suffering of veterans. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by the people of District 31, and it may very well have a major effect on what happens at the polls in 2018…

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