Did Amie Hoeber Lie About Supporting Donald Trump?

During 2016, every Republican candidate was subjected to questions regarding their support for Donald Trump while he was the Republican nominee for President.

One such candidate was 6th District Congressional nominee Amie Hoeber. Every time she had the opportunity to do something different, Hoeber stood behind Donald Trump.

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“I’m a loyal Republican. That’s the way things are,” Hoeber said.

Hoeber’s loyalty can now officially be called into question. Sources shared with Red Maryland a screen capture that Amie Hoeber is a member of a Facebook group entitled “Get rid of the orange cheatos and his enablers.” The group says that it is “A page to vent about our current political situation!!!!!!” and shares a variety of far-left posts and complaints about the President and the current administration.

Curiously, it is one of the few groups that Hoeber actually belongs to on Facebook.

The timing of this information being shared is not good for Hoeber or the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee. After an embarrassing attempt to become Treasurer of the committee failed due to Hoeber’s arrogance, Hoeber was given a consolation prize by county party chairman Dick Jurgena to become chair of their Finance Committee. This put Hoeber in charge of the Montgomery County Lincoln Day dinner, scheduled for Tuesday night. By all accounts, it seems like the Hoeber-run dinner is failing to meet expectations and is not expected to turn a profit the way that other previous dinners had.

Hoeber is in quite a predicament. She told everybody, including the voters of the 6th District, that she supported Donald Trump for President last year. While it wouldn’t be the first time that Hoeber told a lie, it’s certainly a revelation that she would support such a fringe-left group in opposition to the President while simultaneously serving as a Republican Party functionary.

Amie Hoeber is going to need to do something she isn’t comfortable with; she’s going to have to tell the truth. Did she support Donald Trump in 2016 or not? Does she support Donald Trump now? Why does she belong to a radical-left anti-Trump Facebook group if she supported him in 2016? And how can she be expected to effectively convey the Republican message if this is the kind of material she is supporting?

As a pro-abortion liberal Amie Hoeber was already a dangerous choice to serve in Republican Party leadership. It’s a choice that Central Committee Chairman Dick Jurgena is going to have to explain to Republicans in Montgomery County. And Hoeber’s actions are going to again resonate in the 6th Congressional District primary next year.

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