The Curious Case of Sia Finoh

Democratic House of Delegate candidate Sia Finoh is making waves in all of the wrong ways.

First, Finoh decides that her campaign for office was going to be completed based on her gender instead of anything else. 

We at Red Maryland of course don’t enjoy that kind of game. And that got a reply from Ms. Finoh.

Yes friends, a candidate for public office actually said this. That’s it’s time for “women power.” Which is interesting when you consider liberals in 2017 say “gender is only a construct.”

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Then the Quince Orchard High School Teenage Republicans pointed out a little inconsistency with her campaign logo.

Yes, Ms. Finoh is running for the “Maryland House of Delegation” according to her logo. Presumably it means that she’s running for the House of Delegates but it doesn’t inspire confidence in that her campaign materials make it seem that she doesn’t know the name of the office that she’s running for.

After all of these fantastic interactions on Twitter, Ms. Finoh’s account is now a private account that can be seen only by her 8 followers.

Just an interesting set of circumstances for a candidate running (ostensibly) for the House of Delegates.

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