We Need a Real Candidate in CD-6

Last week I wrote about the likelihood that 6th District Congressman John Delaney would run for Governor of Maryland in 2018. I also pointed out that failed 2016 8th District candidate David Trone would likely be a candidate in the 6th District in 2018.

It came out Monday that Trone isn’t the only one getting ready for a 6th District run:

Maryland House Majority Leader C. William “Bill” Frick is raising money to run for Congress in 2018, anticipating fellow Democrat Rep. John Delaney may vacate one of the state’s most competitive seats.

Frick said Monday that Republicans were eyeing the 6th Congressional District to flip back into their column, and that Democrats need to be ready to defend it if Delaney chooses to run for governor instead. Delaney said last week he’ll make formal announcement about the governor’s race in June.

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It is critical Democrats field a strong candidate in 2018,” Frick said.

“In the event that Rep. Delaney chooses to take on Larry Hogan, I am preparing to be that strong Democratic candidate that can succeed him and hold the line against Trump and the radical Republican agenda.”

Frick you will remember has a colorful history that we have documented here at Red Maryland, including lamenting that he had to listen to citizen testimony and then pretending it never happened.

Frick is right about one thing though, and that’s Republicans are looking at winning back the 6th District in 2018. And that’s why it’s important for Republicans and conservatives have a real candidate to run for the seat next year.

Last year, Republicans were subjected to Amie Hoeber has the general election congressional candidate. Hoeber’s issues were well documented here last year, not the least of which was Hoeber’s support of the radical pro-abortion agenda, general incompetence from her staff, a failure to vote, random attacks against Dan Bongino, and her support of Martin O’Malley and the rain tax.

The fact of the matter is that the Republican candidate for Congress against a liberal Washington insider was…..a liberal Washington insider. It’s hard to create a contrast with a Democratic incumbent when the Republican candidate embodies the same issues. And that’s why Amie Hoeber lost by 16% (for contrast, Dan Bongino lost by 1.5% in 2014).

The 6th District is a tremendous pickup opportunity for Republicans. The two Democratic candidates who have expressed interest, Frick and Trone, both have tremendous negatives associated with them. Neither have a political stronghold in the 6th District, and neither candidate has much in common with the voters of the 6th, particularly those in Frederick County and west. Trone and Frick are DC-insider liberals who would rather jump up and down about Trump than talk about issues affecting Western Maryland.

And that’s where the problem comes in for Republicans and for conservatives. So far the only candidate that is actively preparing to run in the 6th District is…..Amie Hoeber. Hoeber seems to be of the belief that she is perfectly positioned to win. We’ve learned at Red Maryland that Hoeber is trying to put the band back together by reaching out to her former campaign staff. Except even her former staff members aren’t interested in reprising 2016; the staff she has reached out to have all moved on to better things and are not interested in returning to work for Hoeber. Hoeber has tried to stay relevant by being involved in Montgomery County Central Committee politics but suffered an embarrassing loss in an election for party treasurer and was given a consolation prize by the Chairman.

None of this is a recipe for an electoral juggernaut headed toward next year.

2018 *is* a tremendous opportunity for Republicans to pick up the 6th District Congressional seat. But the seat is not going to be won by a pro-abortion candidate running as Democrat lite. We need a candidate who can run and win as a solid conservative who believes in protecting life, liberty, and opportunity. That candidate is not Amie Hoeber. We can, and must do better in 2018 to have an opportunity to succeed.

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