Impallaria Should Still Resign

Let us take you back to something that I wrote last August:

Needless to say that Rick Impallaria’s conduct, if true, is unbecoming of a member of the House of Delegates, regardless of his party. Impallaria should resign from the House of Delegates immediately.

Well, Imapallaria found out that he’s going to be doing some time today:

Del. Rick Impallaria (R-7), the deputy minority whip for this past session of the Maryland General Assembly, will spend only two days in Worcester County jail for DWI instead of the 60 he would have been sentenced to by Circuit Court Judge Thomas Groton because of the actions of the OCPD officer on the night of his arrest.

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Assistant State’s Attorney Billy McDermott said under normal circumstances, the sentencing recommendation for a defendant in Impallaria’s position would be ten days, but because of the circumstances, he would be amenable to any amount exceeding that.

Groton, at first, appeared to agree with McDermott by offering a sentence of 60 days in jail, followed by 18 months of supervised probation, a $500 fine and court costs.

Impallaria was spared from serving the full 60-days only because of the actions of the officer who arrested the Delegate. And why was Impallaria’s sentence going to be so severe? It’s because of the tremendous number of moving violations that Impallaria has committed in the past:

The hefty sentence is based on Impallaria’s previous driving record, which includes 52 traffic citations, plus a previous accident that resulted in a fatality though no criminal liability was assigned, and a conviction for assault for attempting to use his car to strike other people, including his own mother and brother.

McDermott also said Impallaria has a previous conviction for attempting to bribe a police officer, though that was not the situation in the current proceeding.

So to be clear we’re talking about a delegate convicted of attempting bribing a cop, who has  fifty-two prior moving violations, of which one of them was an attempt to mow down his own kin.

We said back in August that Impallaria should resign, and after his conviction and the revelation of these other charges it is doubly so now. Rick Impallaria lacks the judgment and the temperament to serve in the House of Delegates. Impallaria should resign from the House of Delegates immediately and if he refuses to do so he should be stripped of his leadership position in the House Republican Caucus and removed from his seat in the House. His presence as a Delegate is an embarrassment to the House of Delegates, and certainly an embarrassment to the House Republican Caucus.

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