Hood College Republicans Release Statement on Bulletin Board Controversy

There has been much made on social media and on Facebook about the controversy surrounding a bulletin board display created by the Hood College Republicans. The club has released this statement exclusively to Red Maryland on the controversy.

“Recently some disturbing events have occurred on campus in reaction to the Hood College Republicans’ “Conservative Cultural Center” display. The display featured a variety of quotes and images of popular conservative figures. The intent of this display was to help encourage constructive political discourse on campus, by exposing students to viewpoints that they may not hear otherwise. We have been fortunate enough to have many great conversations with people of different backgrounds and ideologies the past couple days. Despite this, some of the more controversial aspects, mainly the ones pertaining to abortion and transgenderism, have been under fire by certain students, faculty members, school administrators and the community at large.

There have been advances made by students and the school’s administration to have the display removed, including one individual attempting tear it down himself. The display has already been vandalized and covered up on multiple occasions so far by rogue actors. While we feel that these individuals acted on their own, we firmly believe that an email sent out by the school’s President saying that she “fully shares” the “anger and dismay” felt by the community has added additional credibility to their destructive actions. Also, in her email she directed all criticism to us for not voluntarily removing it ourselves, while also publically threating us with potential policy violations for policies we did not break. The handling of the situation by the school has demonstrated the extreme bias against free speech and diversity of thought for conservative views on campus, saying that the espousing of such views was offensive and dangerous. The administration has also tried to claim that we have been committing harassment and discrimination simply by expressing such views on paper.

Our members have personally received violent threats from members of the Hood Community and have been regularly targeted online, with many on and off campus citing us as a hate group. Fortunately campus safety and certain members of the student life center have been very supportive in helping us deal with this situation. However, knowing the administration is strongly against our position, we feel that all future attacks will not be condemned, especially since the school has yet to publicly denounce them as of this time. We hope this experience can be learned from and that constructive political debate and free speech will prevail on campus. We are simply responding to the demonization we have faced by certain members of the community, including members of the administration.”

A Masked Man from the Frederick Equality Movement attempts to vandalize a College Republicans display at Hood College.

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