Disgraced Convict John Leopold is Running for Something

Disgraced former Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold is definitely running for something in 2018.

Today a Leopold mailer hit mailboxes across District 31 in Pasadena. Oddly, Leopold’s mailer takes is a very left-wing take regarding Clean Air and environmental policy and the work that he did as the current chairman of the Greater Pasadena Council.

As many of you know, the disgraced John Leopold went to jail for impropriety in office during his time as Anne Arundel County Executive. Red Maryland has been following Leopold’s career from the beginning of Red Maryland.

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Leopold’s attempt at a political comeback is something that I have been predicting for quite some time. I said in March 2014:

John Leopold fought very hard to get the prohibition on running for office removed from his sentencing for one very good reason; he’s an egomaniac who cares about nothing but his own gratification and only for his own sense of self-importance. Of course you already knew that based on the activities which he was engaged with during his term as County Executive that led to the misconduct charges.
Leopold of course is a political animal and has been running for office since 1968. We detail is sordid history here, including talking about his time as the state director of Planned Parenthood in Hawaii. He’s been trying to resurrect his political career in odd ways, such as random advertisements in the Pasadena Voice.

The most notable thing about Leopold’s mailer is the fact that no office is noted on the mailer, or on Leopold’s website. This is a common trait of Leopold’s, as he is often wishy-washy as to which office he is going to run for until late in the election cycle. Leopold has been involved in a juvenile pissing contest with State Senator Bryan Simonaire for years, leading some to speculate that Leopold would challenge for Simonaire’s State Senate seat. Current speculation among insiders is that Leopold will actually be running for Delegate and will be targeting the seat held by Simonaire’s daughter, Meg.

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