Bryan Simonaire Uses Taxpayer Funds to Exploit Veteran Suicides, Attack Constituents

State Senator Bryan Simonaire is using taxpayer dollars to continue to exploit the issue of veteran suicides.

In a letter sent to constituents who contacted Simonaire “to express your thoughts on legislation proposed during the 2017 Legislative Session”, Simonaire identified bills that he was involved in “championing” through the legislative process.  Most of them, as typical of Simonaire, were small-ball nothing bills that don’t do a thing to move forward conservative principles. And one of them was of course Simonaire’s infamous SB 441 that establishes a therapy dog program for Veterans.

Of course like all of Simonaire’s other ham-handed attempts to exploit the tragedy of veterans suicides, Simonaire identifies the bill as “SB 441- Establishing a program to help reduce the alarming Maryland veterans suicides.” The bill of course is actually entitled  Veterans Affairs – Maryland Veterans Service Animal Program – Establishment. Simonaire has been lying about the bill , which at no point mentions the word suicide, for months. He has since doubled-down and tripled-down on his exploitation of veterans.

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Ignoring the alarmingly incompetent grammar associated with that description, there are two distinctive features about this letter;

  • The letter is sent on Senate letterhead. This means that Simonaire is knowingly sending out false information about SB 441 on Senate letterhead. Furthermore, it means that Simonaire is knowingly trying to exploit suicides by veterans for crass political gain at taxpayer expense.
  • Take a look again at the text for SB 441. The bullet point for SB 441 was hand circled by Senator Simonaire himself. The letter, which was sent to me, was addressed to constituents who wrote to Simonaire “to express your thoughts on legislation proposed during the 2017 Legislative Session.” Except I never wrote to Simonaire. I only expressed my opinions here at Red Maryland and on social media. So Simonaire used taxpayer dollars to go out of his way to attack a constituent by sending a snarky, smart-ass letter to me, a District 31 constituent who disagrees with him on an issue and has exposed Simonaire as a political hack unworthy of office.

Given his continued attempt to exploit suicides by veterans and his insistence on lying about his record and the intent of this bill, are there any depths that Bryan Simonaire won’t stoop to in order to protect his Senate seat?

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