Bryan Simonaire Triples Down on Exploiting Veteran Suicides

State Senator Bryan Simonaire is once again trying to exploit suicides by veterans in order to prop up his political career.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Simonaire again stated that “My SB 441 – Veterans suicide prevention legislation passes!”

As we have pointed out previously, Simonaire’s bill does not actually address veteran suicides. As I wrote over a month ago:

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The bill isn’t actually about suicide. It’s about service dogs. In fact, one of the provisions of Simonaire’s bill gives nonprofit entities engaged in the training of service dogs for veterans the right to terminate the ability for a disabled veteran to receive a service dog if the nonprofit entity believes that the disabled veteran’s participation in the program and the use of a service dog is detrimental to the well-being of the animal or the disabled veteran.

This bill has nothing to do with “Veteran’s Suicide Prevention” and Senator Bryan Simonaire is lying when it says it does.

Simonaire followed up his exploitative Facebook post later in March with a rambling, navel gazing op-ed in the Pasadena Voice.

In the interceding month since Bryan Simonaire first used the suicides of veterans for crass political gain, Simonaire has shown no remorse for his actions. Simonaire continues to believe that the lives of veterans are nothing more than props for the Simonaire family political machine that he continues to build. He puts no value on actually doing something that will prevent veteran suicides and instead tries to hijack this important issue onto a bill that provides service dogs for veterans. A bill that is does not contain a single reference to preventing suicides by Maryland’s veterans.

Bryan Simonaire continues to embarrass himself and the State Senate with his dishonorable conduct in trying to exploit veterans who are suffering from PTSD. Republicans, voters, and decent people everywhere should demand that Simonaire issue an apology to veterans  for his disturbing politicization of a serious issue like veteran suicides.

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