MSEA Encourages Teachers to Lobby on Taxpayer Time

The Maryland State Education Association, famous for already using taxpayer dollars as part of the Democratic ground game, now is encouraging public school teachers to use taxpayer time to lobby legislators to oppose Governor Hogan.

The MSEA created a website and produced a video regarding a week-long series of events to “Protect Maryland Public Schools.” Their action items include:

  • A march on Annapolis on 3/13
  • Wearing  red and making phone calls regarding the Less Testing, More Learning Act on 3/14
  • Making calls to urge legislators to oppose charter school funding on 3/15
  • Emailing legislators about the Protect Our Schools Act on 3/16
  • Tweetstorm or call Legislators to pass the Protect Our Schools Act on 3/17

A couple of interesting things here regarding the MSEA’s effort.

First, the MSEA’s proposed March on Annapolis is scheduled for the exact same time as the annual Maryland March for Life on March 13th. Clearly, the MSEA is looking to both drown out coverage of the Maryland March for Life and is trying to astroturf their way into claiming more supporters attending their march. Since the March for Life will be incredibly well attended, these union folks will want to pretend that they will be there for them. It’s political games being played by the MSEA on this march.

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But the bigger issue here is the four days of emailing and calling and tweeting on behalf of the MSEA’s agenda. The implication here is clear; that teachers should be spending their day not teaching, not preparing lessons, and not focusing on the education of their students, but instead focus on promoting the agenda that has been set by the MSEA’s well-compensated leaders. MSEA’s leaders (all of whom remember make far more than the teachers they purport to represent) want teachers to eschew their job responsibilities and focus on lobbying the General Assembly while at their taxpayer-funded jobs.

What a perverse sense of priorities that these MSEA leaders have.

While we here at Red Maryland have no problems with teachers lobbying the General Assembly, we do have a problem with union leaders doing their best to encourage teachers to prioritize political activism during the workday at the expensive of educating students. Let’s hope that this is something that the Maryland State Board of Education and our local boards of education keep a watchful eye on these types of activities to ensure that education remains a priority instead of political activism. That’s one way we can actually Protect Our Schools; to make sure that union leaders realize that their first priority is to students instead of the sustainment of the Maryland Democratic Party they have bought.

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