Conservative Refuge 3-28-2017

On tonight’s show:

  • We set the record straight on the hypocrisy of Maryland Democrats false claims that Governor Hogan is not protecting funding for the environment;
  • Governor Hogan and legislative leaders cut a deal on additional funding for Baltimore City Schools and the incident shows why we need someone like Governor Hogan in the Governor’s mansion;
  • As the ill-named “Maryland Trust Act” gains national attention, Kevin Kamenentz shows not only his open borders leanings but shamelessly cites the Tenth Amendment to attack the Trump administration;
  • In our “Get Off My Lawn Segment” I update the 2017 legislative agenda of the “Privileged Class” and start the #klineforcyclingtaskforcechair movement.

All this and much, much more on this installment of Conservative Refuge Radio.

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