Bryan Simonaire Doubles Down on Exploiting Veteran Suicides

Earlier this month we told you about State Senator Bryan Simonaire’s shameful exploitation of the issue of veteran suicides by promoting his involvement in a bill with a bill regarding service animals.

Despite being exposed for his political antics with this issue, Simonaire doubled down on his exploitation of veterans by penning a self-serving and navel-gazing op-ed for the local Pasadena Voice newspaper:

They came to testify in favor of legislation I proposed to address the alarming suicide rates among our veterans. Senate Bill 441 establishes a public/private partnership with nonprofits with limited resources that use specialized service dogs to help veterans. Twenty veterans every day commit suicide in America, including two veterans a week in Maryland.
Questioning those claims, I researched the details further and found the facts to be correct. Therefore, I was compelled to do more for the brave men and women who served in our military.

And it goes on like this in the self-serving, attention-seeking way that Bryan Simonaire writes about his political exploits. But it’s clear from his authorship of this op-ed piece that Simonaire has no contrition and no remorse about his attempts to exploit suicides by veterans in order to promote his bill which explicitly does not address the issue of veteran suicides. For proof of that, look no further than Red Maryland’s Facebook page where Simonaire came to defend himself and to make excuse after excuse as to why he was in the right. He seemed appalled that anybody would dare question him or have the audacity to read the bill he actually wrote, point out that the bill has nothing to do with suicides, and call him out for his politicization of such a tragic event.

When I wrote earlier this month about Simonaire’s shameful exploits, I wrote that “Bryan Simonaire owes veterans everywhere an apology for his disturbing politicization of a serious issue like veteran suicides.” Given his continued promotion of this bill and his initial response to getting called for trying to exploit the issue, Bryan Simonaire isn’t sorry that he got caught trying to politicize suicide by veterans; he’s only sorry that he got caught.

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Simonaire’s actions go far above and beyond his usual focus on being a self-promoter instead of a State Senator; Simonaire’s continuous exploitation of veterans is a stain upon the conservative movement and conduct unbecoming a member of the Maryland Senate.

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