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Bill to Take Back PGCPS Board is Completely Gutted!

Remember when I told all of you Prince George’s County folk to go tell everyone to support HB 1565?  I take it back.  The Maryland House Ways and Means committee completely gutted the bill, and even renamed it.

On a personal note, I’ve been sick – like, really sick, like could-barely-breathe-wound-up-in-the-hospital-for-a-day sick.  As such, I just don’t have the energy to dig into this thing and figure out just how stupid they made this bill.  It looks like the board gets to stay in place in the way it is, and the school board and the county executive have to submit a report to the General Assembly next year.  I think the report is supposed to be about whether the Board and CE think the current set up of appointees & elected members is worth revisiting.  I wonder what their report will say?

Anyway, look over the new bill and the amendments for yourself.   Then let your representatives know how you feel about the changes.

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