A Triumph For Life

For the third year in a row, the efforts to legalize physician assisted suicide have reached an ignominious end here in Maryland.  As our friends at Maryland Against Physician Assisted Suicide put it,

We have some very important news to share with our supporters. Senate Bill 354 – “End of Life Options Act” has been withdrawn by its lead sponsor today from further consideration by the Maryland General Assembly. The Senate hearing that was scheduled to take place next week will no longer take place on Tuesday. The House bill is still active so we will remain vigilant but this is certainly good news. Thank you to all of our supporters who helped to defeat this very dangerous bill. We could not have done it without you.

The House Bill was later withdrawn as well.  House supporters noted that the bill lacked sufficient support in the House of Delegates. One House opponent had a snarkier take:

Proponents never addressed the serious flaws with the bill and refused to engage in an intellectually honest debate about what the legislation actually accomplished. While they disputed that the claims of potential abuse lacked evidence, without addressing the over efforts to prevent reliable data from being collected, and offered vague arguments in favor of “autonomy” and government overreach, they failed to address directly the claims of the bills opponents.

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It is clear now that this legislation has no chance of passing in this legislature and that it will take a radical change in the makeup of the legislature for Maryland to ever sanction physician assisted suicide. This is a triumph for the cause of life in our state.

A great deal of thanks goes to Maryland Against Physician Assisted Suicide and their coalition of supporters and to the many readers of Red Maryland who opposed this effort again.

While the issue will probably never go away, and we will continue to cover it, we should rejoice that it has failed completely again.

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