Why MSEA Leaders Love Taxpayer Money

If there’s one thing that we know is that the Maryland State Education Association is all about the money. Much like national Democratic concerns regarding Betsy DeVos, the MSEA only speaks publicly about legislative issues when it affects their bottom line. Much to the chagrin of many union members, the union never speaks out about substantive educations issues that would improve the plight of students in underperforming schools. And we know that the MSEA always bought into the lie that Maryland’s public schools were #1 solely based on the amount of per pupil spending while being indifferent to the persistent achievement gap in state schools.

So for the Union, you know it’s all about the money. This graphic explains why.


You’ll note that these MSEA Union employees are all making well north of six figures. Every one of them brings in at least $170,000 a year in total compensation. That’s more money than virtually any public school employee; certainly more than virtually every classroom teacher that the union purports to represent.

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By the way; six of these ten employees make more in base compensation than the Governor, whose salary is set by law at $150,000 a year.

Where is the money to pay these salaries coming from? Union dues and fair share fees. You remember the fair share fees, right? Democrats passed a law that requires all teachers to pay dues to the teacher’s union, even if they don’t want to be members of the teacher’s union. Democrats found it more important to cement their status as being a subsidiary of organized labor and protecting their symbiotic relationship with unions than it was to guarantee that teachers would not be forced to pay dues to an organization that they wanted nothing to do with.

That means that the state is basically forcing compulsory union dues in order to pay a bunch of fat cat union leaders high salaries in order to lobby the state for more money.

When you hear union leaders regurgitating Democratic talking points and always claiming that there is never enough money going to public schools, remember why they are doing it.


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