Pruski Seeks to Violate Civil Liberties

Democratic Anne Arundel County Councilman Andrew Pruski has introduced discriminatory legislation that could potential violate the civil liberties of every Anne Arundel County Business Owner.

Pruski has introduced legislation in the Council that would give the police power to declare a business a public nuisance and shut it down. It gives the county the power to shut down a business because of illegal activity in the vicinity. The activity may have nothing to do with the business, and the business owner does not even have to know that the illegal activity is occurring in order for this power to be triggered by police. And then, the business owner would have to defend themselves before the County Council acting as the quasi-judicial Board of Health,  and try to defend themselves against these charges of illegal activity that they may not have even been aware of.

Click here to read the entirety of this chilling legislation.

The legislation is modeled on legislation that already exists in Prince George’s County and Baltimore City. But those jurisdictions are 100% controlled by Democrats and the idea that anti-business, anti-liberty legislation would be passed in those jurisdictions is not news. The idea that a conservative, tax-averse county like Anne Arundel County would even consider such draconian legislation is beyond the pale and unexpected.

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Pruski’s bill is so radical and so far outside of the mainstream, that even the American Civil Liberties Union has weighed in against it.

That the ACLU took the time to point out that Pruski’s proposed law is both racist and discriminatory against victims of domestic violence show just how radical and out of touch Pruski’s proposal truly is.

All of us here in Anne Arundel County want to ensure that our county remains safe, and we all want to make sure that our communities are great places to live, work and recreate. However Pruski’s proposal goes to a radical extreme that would make it difficult for anybody to open or maintain a business in Anne Arundel County without having the fear of the government shutting it down at any time for any perceived reason. Pruski’s proposal is both discriminatory and dictatorial and will do nothing to solve what nuisances do exist in Anne Arundel County. The Council should reject this bill as soon as humanly possible before it ever gets to County Executive Steve Schuh’s desk to be vetoed.

But we also have to ensure that Councilmen such as Andrew Pruski are dissuaded from proposing such racist and anti-liberty legislation in the first place. And you can let Pruski know exactly what you think at

Note: this story has been updated to reflect the status of the County Council as the Board of Health 

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