Kevin Kamenetz Embarrasses Himself in MACO Role

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz made quite a big deal about his election as President of the Maryland Association of Counties. It was assumed that Kamenetz would try to use his role as President of MACO to buttress his qualifications to run for Governor against Larry Hogan in 2018. Given the fact that Kamenetz has tried to take credit for Governor Hogan’s action on school air conditioning, failed to address a bug infestation in eastern Baltimore County, and attempted to build a horse arena for the rich and well connected Kamenetz needed some sort of positive press in order to get ready to challenge a wildly popular and successful sitting Governor.

One of the issues that Kamenetz attempted to get out of front of was Governor Hogan’s attempt to repeal the road kill bill. As you know, the road kill bill is the Democrats latest attempt to inflict class warfare upon Marylanders. Governor Hogan rightly vetoed the bill, but the General Assembly overrode the Governor’s veto. Kamenetz has always been in favor of keeping the road kill bill in place, even though Kamenetz is mad that Governor Hogan is enforcing the law the Kamenetz supported.

You would think given his prestigious position as President of MACO that Kamenetz would have his pulse on the membership of his organization and be able to garner consensus toward his position among the members of MACO. Well not so much as MACO has decided to support HB 402 and SB 307, Repeal of the Maryland Open Transportation Investment Decision Act of 2016.

As Governor Hogan said in a public statement:

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“I sincerely thank MACo’s membership for standing up for their constituents and fighting back against the Road Kill Bill,” said Governor Hogan. “This disaster of a law will wreak havoc on our state transportation system and usurp important authority away from local governments and away from the executive branch of state government, giving authority instead to lobbyists and special interest groups. I will not stop fighting until this catastrophic bill is repealed.”

That leaves Kevin Kamenetz in a bit of a sticky wicket. He was elected to be the President of an organization making up elected officials from around the state of Maryland, but he isn’t even in line with the policy objectives and goals of the membership of the organization. Kamenetz was incapable of getting other fellow elected officials to come around to his way of thinking and to lead them in the direction that he saw the organization needed to go. This is even more embarrassing when you consider that Kamenetz isn’t getting along with Democratic elected officials in Baltimore County right now (something discussed on both The Air Raid and the Conservative Refuge this week), with one of the reasons being that Kamenetz has not been responsive to their needs because of the time that he has spent focusing on his duties as President of MACO.

Democrats are continuing to scrounge around for a candidate to take on the wildly popular and successful Governor Hogan in 2018. But considering he can’t keep legislators in his own county happy and he is woefully out of touch with the members of an organization like MACO that he ostensibly leads, why would anybody think that Kevin Kamenetz has the skills, experience, and maturity to serve as Governor?

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