About the BOOST Program…

Democrats in Annapolis, including three potential candidates for Governor, went out of their way today to attack Governor Larry Hogan’s support of the Broadening Options and Opportunity for Students and Teachers (BOOST) Program. The BOOST Program of course is designed to provide $7 million in state funding to provide school choice for K-12 students in some of Maryland’s most desperate public school districts.

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Why these Democratic leaders are opposed to ensuring that Maryland students get a decent education is anybody’s guess, other than the fact that the Maryland Democratic Party is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Maryland State Education Association.

But as always, the Democrats reveal their hypocrisy when it comes to policies supported by Governor Hogan and the BOOST Program is no exception.

What the Democrats fail to remember is that the BOOST Program was a Democratic idea in the first place, originally introduced by Democratic Delegate Keith Haynes of Baltimore City.

What’s even more stunning? The BOOST program funding was included in the current Fiscal Year 2017 budget. And every Democrat in both the House and the Senate voted for the budget and the BOOST program funding.

While the Democrats again use public school students as props to attack the Governor, remember that they were for the BOOST program until Governor Hogan made it a state priority. And as always with the Democrats, where they stand depends on where they sit when it comes to public policy programs.

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