The BS of the Democrats and their Maryland Defense Act

As we discussed yesterday, the Maryland Democratic Party’s latest attack video on Governor Larry Hogan is both monumentally stupid and intentionally misleading. If we were Maryland Democratic donors we’d ask for our money back—it’s that bad. Maybe it’s the Politifact-documented inability to tell the truth by the Maryland Democratic Party’s Banjo Troll.

Or maybe the video is cover for the Maryland Democratic Party’s incandescent hypocrisy regarding President Donald Trump.

Two weeks ago the Democratically controlled legislature passed the so-called “Maryland Defense Act,” giving political hack Brian Frosh expanded powers to “defend” the state of Maryland from the Trump administration.

Among the list of potential threats listed by these legislators include: civil liberties, protecting the financial security, immigration and travel restrictions.

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Where were these tribunes of liberty and their concern for the rights of their fellow Marylanders during the Obama administration? Why were they silent when:

What was the response to from the Maryland Democrats in the General Assembly? Chirping crickets.  Why? Because dissent is only the highest form of patriotism when a Republican sits in the White House or Government House.

And therein lies the real reason behind the unprecedented and potentially unconstitutional expansion of the Attorney General’s powers.

The Maryland Defense Act was not about “defending Maryland” and its citizens it’s a cynical political ploy to attack Governor Hogan, because he’s eating their lunch when it comes to the issues Marylanders are concerned about like fiscal responsibility, economic development, funding road construction, redistricting reform and ethics and transparency. That’s why it’s not a coincidence that yesterday’s Goucher Poll shows that the people of Maryland are wise enough to see through the Maryland Democrats political cynicism. They approve of the Governor 63% to the legislature 42% and 62% see the state as heading in the right direction.

As always, the words of the Democrats don’t match their past actions. They’re all hat and no cattle when it comes to protecting Maryland from federal overreach.

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