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Rob Carson Audioblog: “Tech”

Rob Carson gives his hilarious take on technology and how it is affecting our lives.

You have likely heard Rob on WCBM or WMAL or perhaps on one of the various talk radio stations around the country in which he appears.  Here is some more background on Rob from his website:

Rob Carson is a talk show host who’s heard nationally on some of America’s biggest talk stations like WLS in Chicago, WYAY in Atlanta, KKSF and KSFO in San Francisco, WPHT in Philly, WCBM in Baltimore and more.  His nationally syndicated comedy is heard by millions.  His show is about politics, pop culture, personal experience, connection, huge comedy…and oddly enough, cooking and lifestyle topics.  He has over 100 cooking videos on the web, so whether he’s talking cabinet secretary appointments or what’s in your kitchen cabinet (Dear God…did I actually write that?) he’ll make it funny and compelling.–Carson 

You can also hear Rob’s take on the events of the day by listening to his podcast at


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