Red Maryland Pre-Session Survey: Johnny Ray Salling

What is your top legislative priority for the 2017 General Assembly Session?
I will be introducing a bill from last year of exempting all taxes on earned Military Retirement Income.

What are some of your other legislative priorities for the 2017 General Assembly Session?
Working to promote Governor Hogan’s agenda which I’m hopeful will include Redistricting Reform and a solution to the heroin epidemic.

What concerns you the most about the 2017 General Assembly Session?
This is the third year of a four year term where legislators are more willing to throw anything at the wall and hopes it sticks before the final year before the Election. I’m worried about the radical ideas coming from the Democratic Party.

What are your budget priorities for the 2017 General Assembly Session?
I am concerned about the projected budget shortfall this year and will work with the Governor to cut spending where it is possible.

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What are your local projects or bills of local interest will you be introducing or supporting during the 2017 General Assembly Session?
I will be introducing a bill to review the prospects of a Toll Annual Pass for the I-95 and 895 tunnels and the I-695 Key Bridge. To commute to or out of my district, you have to run through a toll plaza. I’m hopeful an Annual Pass with alleviate some of the financial cost.

What are your thoughts on Governor Hogan’s Executive Order regarding starting the school year after Labor Day?
I strongly support this, it will cut back on the number of hot days students have to endure in schools without A/C, which is a huge problem in my district.

What are your thoughts on assisted suicide?
I am opposed to this bill as a pro-life legislator and I believe that this bill sets a dangerous precedent. It could have negative consequences for our most vulnerable citizens.

What are your thoughts on the Highway Scoring Bill?
I strongly stood with Governor Hogan on this bill and voted to sustain his veto.

What did you do on behalf of or in support of Kathy Szeliga’s US Senate campaign?
Hosted a rally for her in Essex at the Commadore Hall, door knocked and made phone calls, supported her in the local press. She has been a good friend and early supporter of mine and was proud to be able to return that favor.

What did you do on behalf of or in support of of other Republican candidates or the Republican Party in 2016?
Campaigned for Matt McDaniel for Baltimore City Council, whose district boards mine. Campaigned for Pat McDonough, Kathy Szeliga and Donald Trump through putting up signs, door knocking and participating in the MDGOP Super Saturdays.

What has been your biggest accomplishment as a legislator in the first two years of this term?
A lot of people think an accomplishment is getting something passed, but I feel as though a lot of stuff is behind the scenes. My advocacy for air conditioning in schools and addressing the midge issue in marinas is an example of behind the scenes work for the district.

Will you be running for re-election in 2018? Why or why not?
Yes I will be running for re-election in 2018. I feel that over the past two years, much progress has been made in bring jobs back to the district along with toll relief. There is more work to be done, however, and I am looking forward to continuing that work.

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