Red Maryland Pre-Session Survey: Jason Buckel

What is your top legislative priority for the 2017 General Assembly Session?
Initiatives to spur economic development and to reduce tax and regulatory obstacles to growth

What are some of your other legislative priorities for the 2017 General Assembly Session?
Fighting efforts to ban natural gas fracking; improved school construction spending policies; adjusting casino gaming revenue formulas and possibly expanding gaming opportunities to reflect modern realities and generate growth and revenue

What concerns you the most about the 2017 General Assembly Session?
Hyperpartisanship; efforts by majority to force policies that make Maryland less competitive for growth and prosperity, particularly Western Maryland

What are your budget priorities for the 2017 General Assembly Session?
No new taxes; address structural deficit caused by mandatory spending; restore highway user revenues

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What are your local projects or bills of local interest will you be introducing or supporting during the 2017 General Assembly Session?
Seeking reasonable funding package for City of Cumberland redevelopment, part of a State/County/City/private sector joint effort; advocating for expansion of health sciences programs at Frostburg State University

What are your thoughts on Governor Hogan’s Executive Order regarding starting the school year after Labor Day?
I don’t view it as a major issue; there are positive and negative aspects, but reasonable educational professionals can easily prepare a schedule that incorporates September start while ensuring educational goals are met

What are your thoughts on assisted suicide?
It is a very difficult and personal issue, but I am generally against

What are your thoughts on the Highway Scoring Bill?
I have and will continue to oppose that legislation and support either repeal or significant substantive amendments

What did you do on behalf of or in support of Kathy Szeliga’s US Senate campaign?
Hosted fundraiser; local campaigning, as I endorsed and enthusiastically supported Kathy’s campaign

What did you do on behalf of or in support of of other Republican candidates or the Republican Party in 2016?
I actively supported, financially and otherwise, Republican candidates for numerous federal and local offices

What has been your biggest accomplishment as a legislator in the first two years of this term?
Authoring and passing tax credit incentive bills designed to attract biotech and cyber companies to economically disadvantaged communities in Western Maryland and Eastern Shore

Will you be running for re-election in 2018? Why or why not?
Yes. I’m committed to continuing to fight to change and improve the economy and perception of Western Maryland and to oppose high tax and excessive regulatory policies in Maryland, many advanced in the O’Malley administration, that continue to take a toll on our local and statewide economy

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