Red Maryland Pre-Session Survey: Bob Cassilly

What is your top legislative priority for the 2017 General Assembly Session?
I will continue to support Governor Hogan’s efforts to reduce spending in order to allow our State to reduce taxes and thereby develop a more competitive business environment.

What are some of your other legislative priorities for the 2017 General Assembly Session?
I have filed several bills to support our veterans and active duty military.

What concerns you the most about the 2017 General Assembly Session?
Additional spending mandates that compel spending for many years beyond the initial appropriation year.

What are your budget priorities for the 2017 General Assembly Session?
No more spending mandates; expand local control of highway user revenue; maintain payment toward reduction of the state retirement debt.

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What are your thoughts on Governor Hogan’s Executive Order regarding starting the school year after Labor Day?
Support. School officials need to appreciate that the Governor’s interests extend well beyond the education bureaucrats’ focus on the school calendar. The Governor has to consider more than the school boards’ interests in teachers’ days off, teacher development days, and teacher administrative days. The Governor understands the fiscal reality that the Labor Day weekend is a major economic development opportunity and generates extensive income to the citizens of this state and millions in tax revenues for our state government.

What are your thoughts on assisted suicide?
Oppose. Maryland has made major strides in the past 20 years in providing for end of life planning options and medical care. We must continue those courageous efforts that have made our state a leader in hospice care, administration of medications to alleviate pain, and advance directives that allow for denial of treatment.

What are your thoughts on the Highway Scoring Bill?
Oppose. This bill is a poorly drafted and misguided effort that, if fully implemented, will result in the denial of all capital transportation projects for counties outside of the Washington, DC metro area. The Democrats wrongfully contend that his bill is simply a scoring of projects already approved for the governor’s capital transportation budget. In fact, as the law is written, the scoring system determines those projects that can be included by the Governor in his transportation budget. In doing so, the law forces the Governor to include only those projects that are located in the high population density counties of Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties.

What did you do on behalf of or in support of Kathy Szeliga’s US Senate campaign?
I publicly supported Kathy, made financial contributions to her campaign, attended campaign events, and erected 4’x8′ road signs throughout Harford County.

What did you do on behalf of or in support of of other Republican candidates or the Republican Party in 2016?
My wife staffed the county Republican campaign headquarters that provided support for all Republican candidates listed on the ballot in Harford County.

What has been your biggest accomplishment as a legislator in the first two years of this term?
I have at all times, without exception, voted the position that I determined was in the best interest of my constituents.

Will you be running for re-election in 2018? Why or why not?

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