Follow-Up: Change Annapolis Chairman on the Dismissal of Cam Harris

Change Annapolis Chairman Dustin Freas has confirmed that Cam Harris was dismissed within hours of his the news of his ivolvement in a fake news operation became public.

Below, we reprint all of the statement from Mr. Freas, verbatim.

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First and foremost, I would like to personally thank this organization for all of the exceptional work educating the citizens of our state and for giving people who believe in accountability, hard work, and ethics a voice.

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As chairman of change Annapolis I am happy to have a discussion today regarding Cam Harris, his minimal role, and dismissal as a PRN consultant to Change Annapolis within hours of uncovering this fake news story.

We will not tolerate nor do we condone this type of behavior from anyone affiliated with our organization. Fortunately, The change Annapolis movement is in its early stages and Cam to my knowledge was only utilized to help set up social media such as Facebook, call to schedule some meetings, and stuff envelopes. Basically, low level staffer work that students right out of college engage in. Cam had been helping on these things for roughly the last 60 days post-election and was never in any position to write or influence anything directly.

Due to being a new PAC we haven’t done any type of press release, news article, or eblast on any level at this point so there has been no opportunity for something like this to occur within our organization.

As chairman, nothing is out on the website or disseminated without my final Approval including designs and content. We have built in checks and balances to ensure we are promoting only truth and fact to support the many Marylanders that have been forgotten and left behind.

With that being said, this behavior will not be tolerated. We run change Annapolis with the highest level of honesty and integrity. Our board of business leaders are a true reflection of who we are on every level. Brian Brooks, our PAC manager over saw Cams very minimal work directly. Needless to say, we were totally blindsided by all of this. I am proud to have founded an organization that will hold people accountable for their actions and decisions. Fake news is blatantly unethical and is a growing problem within our media which needs condemned and those that take part in this behavior need to be held accountable and punished accordingly by the law.

Change Annapolis is committed to making a better and more prosperous Maryland for all of our citizens. The fact is Cam did very little work for our PAC in an attempt to hopefully become communications coordinator after he proved himself. Unfortunately, this young man made an inexcusable error in judgement prior to any collaboration with our PAC and has been held fully accountable through immediate termination although it had nothing to do with Change Annapolis on any level.

I hope this young man truly understands the repercussions of this type of action and can rebound from this idiotic behavior. I wish Mr. Harris no ill will but there is absolutely a ZERO tolerance for any type of unethical behavior or the spreading falsified information regardless of who you are or what your political affiliations are.

Change Annapolis will continue fighting aggressively for the necessary changes in our state. We will forge ahead fighting for each and every Marylander to have a voice and continuing to build a statewide network of like-minded, passionate people who will stand up and fight for the rights of our people each and every day. After all, the politicians work for the people and our representative of the people. Many of the political elite have forgotten this and I believe this is a crucial reason why Change Annapolis is receiving the overwhelming support since its inception in August 2016.

I believe I received an email late last week and I do apologize for the delayed response. With the inauguration, a large hospital event, two little girls, and my wife being out of town I didn’t have the time to respond.

Please feel free to call my cell phone directly in the future which is below.

Thanks again to Red Maryland for all of the excellent and honest reporting on the various trial and tribulations of our great State. I am more than happy and honored to be on your radio show if you will have me to discuss the many goals and accomplishments.

Please let me know a good time to speak today as I’d be happy to answer any additional questions.

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