Ferguson, Senate Democratic Caucus Blames Republicans for Democratic Debacle

If you read the Baltimore Sun this morning, you’d note the story with the headline “Lottery bill inspires tussle among Democrats in Maryland Senate“. It was an administration bill that some senators on both sides of the aisle took beef with, but then caused what Brian Sears of The Daily Record called “one of strangest votes I’ve seen in a while”

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You’ll note through the entirety of Sears tweets that this all the Democrats involved in the drama and the weirdness.

State Senator Bill Ferguson of Baltimore took to Twitter to decry the drama, but note what was left unsaid:

We helpfully pointed out that it was left unsaid that the Democrats were causing the Drama.

And that’s where it got weird as Ferguson and the Maryland Senate Democratic Caucus proceeded to blame Republicans for everything that happened.

The Senate Caucus tried to use the photo associated with the story as their basis. Even though at no point were GOP Senators mentioned by Sears or the Sun’s Pamela Wood in their stories:

After we asked if they were trying to deflect from Democratic Corruption, Ferguson then tried to pivot to blame Governor Hogan for appointments in the liquor board fiasco. The ones that were required to be nominated from the Prince George’s County Democratic Party and was appointed on the advice of Senate President Mike Miller.

Finally, after just trying to continue to make stuff up, Ferguson ends his discussion of the topic like so.

It’s interesting to see how Ferguson attempted to deflect blame from a debacle caused solely by Democrats to the Republicans in the Senate. It shows just how the culture of blame has permeated into the business of the legislature. Much like with their handling of Governor Hogan, the Democrats are starting to realize that their backs are against the walls and they have no idea how to react in order to save their phony baloney jobs.

It will be interesting to see if these type of strange shenanigans will continue throughout the legislative session, but it’s clear that we will need to be vigilant with the statements that Democratic legislators are making about this General Assembly session. If a Senator is willingly to brazenly lie about strange legislative maneuvering when the facts are as plain as day, what other things will they be willing to deceive the public on?

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