Democrats Fudging the Numbers…..Again

In recent attacks against Governor Larry Hogan the Maryland Democratic Party has resorted to fudging numbers to try to make points that don’t actually exist.

Over and over again, the Democrats have been pushing some fake news about hourly wages in Maryland:

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You can read the comical Maryland Democratic Party Press Release on this here.

There’s only one slight problem with the Democratic attacks; they aren’t true. The Democrats  are using inaccurate numbers and are incapable of making up their minds if they should use that inaccurate number – 1.3% – to attack the Governor over a period of one year or a period of two yeras

What’s the truth? The truth is that since Governor Hogan took office, Marylanders have seen their hourly earnings increase by 0.6%.

Don’t believe me. Believe this comparison Hours and Earnings from January 2015  and  Hours and Earnings from November 2016. Both charts compare earnings that are not seasonally adjusted. These charts are from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Compare and see what the facts are

  • January 2015: $27.64
  • November 2016: $27.80


The Charts will also note that average weekly wages are nearly $39 dollars higher now than they were when Governor Hogan took office.

  • Average Weekly Wages,  January 2015: $920.40
  • Average Weekly Wages,  November 2016: $959.10

Democrats are usually seasonally adjusted data in their numbers. This is a fudged number that the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not use. The Department of Labor, Licensing and Revenue, the state agency for keeping track of these numbers, follows the Federal BLS standards.

In other words, the Maryland Democratic Party is once again fudging numbers to try to make Governor Hogan look bad and hope that nobody notices. Of course, such fudging of numbers is nothing new from Democrats; it was a hallmark of the administration of Martin O’Malley, after all. But it remains amazing the lengths that Democrats will go to in order to sully the name of Governor Hogan as they desperately claw to remain politically relevant against the wildly popular Governor.

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