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Clarence Lam Scrubs Anti-Republican Tweet

Democratic Delegate Clarence Lam today took to Twitter to criticize Republicans only to delete the tweet down the memory hole later.

Lam’s tweet of course showed nothing of the sort, as it was a blurry picture from the front of a committee hearing.

Red Maryland later challenged Lam’s “findings”

Lam deleted the tweet after being challenged by Red Maryland to provide some sort of corroborating evidence that supported either Lam’s assertions that Republicans were skipping the briefing on the Affordable Care Act or Lam’s assertions that 300,000 people will “lose health care.”

We continue to ask Lam for any sort of evidence of clarification of his comments, but also challenge to ask him why he decided to delete the tweet making these accusations.

Dr. Lam was elected to the House of Delegates in 2014, representing District 12 in Howard County.

UPDATE: I’ve spoken with several individuals who were present at the briefing who have confirmed the presence of multiple Republican Delegates the briefing, including confirming the identity of Delegate Ric Metzger, who is visible in the photo. These Delegates include Delegates Carozza, Krebs, Morgan, and West .

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