Amie Hoeber Suffers Embarrassing Loss in Montgomery County GOP Race

2016 6th District Congressional candidate Amie Hoeber suffered an embarrassing loss in a Montgomery County Republican Central Committee race tonight.

The pro-aborton Hoeber submitted an email to the Central Committee nominating herself to serve as Treasurer of the Central Committee. Treasurer is the only Central Committee office position in Montgomery County that does not need to filled by a Central Committee member. Hoeber is not a member of the committee.

Despite nominating herself for the position, Hoeber skipped tonight’s Central Committee elections. Hoeber was defeated by incumbent Treasurer Mark Uncapher by a 28-18 vote.

No word yet on why Hoeber thought she should be considered for the position of Treasurer. She has never served as a campaign treasurer before.

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Since losing her Congressional race in November, Hoeber has tried to keep herself politically relevant by sponsoring and attending Republican events in Montgomery County. She sponsored a hospitality suite at the Maryland Republican Party Fall Convention in Frederick, ostensibly to thank supporters but also to maintain what political viability she has left.

It is expected that Hoeber will again run for Congress in the 6th District in 2018, though it’s hard to imagine how she can maintain her political viability and continue her political career when the majority of Republican leaders in her own home county won’t even consider entrusting her with a position of responsibility on their Central Committee.

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