Diagnosis: Hogan Derangement Syndrome

It appears we have yet another case of Hogan Derangement Syndrome.   The latest outbreak in this epidemic of fallacious whining is located at the Montgomery County-based Seventh State blog—a noted disease vector of the epidemic.

In a textbook presentation of the disease, blogger and Adam Pagnucco, accused Governor Hogan of lying about the Road Kill Bill’s effect on the I-81 reconstruction project in Washington County.

Pagnucco hangs his hat on the false presumption that Governor Hogan is living in an “alternate reality” by simultaneously touting the funding of the I-81 project and saying the Road Kill Bill would end the project.

Simply put:  Governor Hogan is right and Pagnucco is wrong.

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One of the key symptoms of Hogan Derangement Syndrome is failure to do your homework.

In his syndrome-induced fever to push a false narrative—likely handed to him by the legislature another hot zone of Hogan Derangement Syndrome—Pagnucco failed to do a basic fact check of the premise.

The truth is, Governor Hogan’s Hagerstown announcement touted the beginning of the $105 million first phase of widening I-81.  Shovels are already in the ground on this—key phrase here—first phase of the project.

As the Democrats’ beloved Road Kill Bill states it  “may not be applied or interpreted to have any effect on or application to any major capital transportation project moved to the construction phase before the effective date of this Act.

So no, the road kill bill does not threaten the first phase of the I-81 project.

However, as Pagnucco failed to mention—or bothered to research—there are several subsequent phases to the I-81 project not yet under construction, which are indeed threatened by the Road Kill Bill.

The Governor has allocated $5 million for and MDOT has applied for federal FASTLANE grants to support the Phase 2 of the project, as well as investing $10 million in system preservation and safety enhancements on I-81.


It is these additional phases of the I-81 project, and 66 other projects around the state, that are, as the Governor rightly noted, threatened by the Road Kill Bill.

Unfortunately, Pagnucco suffering from Hogan Derangement Syndrome induced him to rush to publish fake news without doing his homework.

There is, however, a cure, and it’s so simple even a cave man can do it.


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