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2016 in Review: 30 Most Read Stories

If you want to know what Red Marylander readers read most in 2016, here it is: the stories in Maryland Republican and conservative politics that got the highest readership:

  1. Harford Democrat Goes on Unhinged Rant During Funerals for Sheriff’s Deputies: Harford County Central Committee Member, Ripken Baseball employee and “Comedian” Tom Myers acted like a bit of a jerk.
  2. “Governor Hogan is a Big Mean Meanie-Pants” Says Senator Miller: Mike Miller was an unhappy camper.
  3. More on the Whining Ingrates: Democrats whined this year. A lot.
  4. Vote No on Question 1: The first of many stories about ballot questions that got significant readership in 2016
  5. Vote NO on ALL Prince George’s Ballot Questions: Same as above
  6. Whining Ingrates: So much Democratic whining
  7. This is Huge: Democrats stayed home to work in Maryland in 2016, costing Hillary Clinton the President and without any positive affect on races here.
  8. Alan Walden for Mayor of Baltimore: It was our first endorsement of 2016.
  9. Miller and Busch Defend the Indefensible: Democrats only like redistricting when it benefits them
  10. In Memory of Stephen Reynolds: An obituary for the late conservative candidate from Carroll County.
  11. Maryland Ballot Question Summary: A summary of our endorsements and writings
  12. Who Really Cut the $6.1 Million for Aging Schools? Spoiler: Democrats
  13. The Democrats New Class Warfare: The Road Kill Bill was the start of Democrats declaring war on the middle class
  14. Constitution Violated by Senate President in Veto Override: An unconstitutional act from Mike Miller
  15. Cheap Journalism: The Trump Distraction became easy fodder for local journalists
  16. The Buying of District 6: Part of our extensive coverage of the 6th District Congressional Primary
  17. The Delusions of Kevin Kamenetz on the Road Kill Bill: Kamenetz blames the Governor for a bill Kamenetz supported.
  18. Vote Yes On Question B (Montgomery County): Our endorsement of the successful term limits ballot question
  19. While Larry Hogan Works for Bipartisanship, this is what Maryland’s Democrats Are Doing: Democrats are really bad at losing
  20. Disconnect Between Local University and Staff: Our coverage of the leadership crisis at Mount St. Mary’s University.
  21. Kevin Kamenetz: Lord of the Flies: One of many 2016 disasters for Kevin Kamenetz and his gubernatorial campaign
  22. Hogan Derangement Syndrome is Real: And getting more real by the day
  23. Everyone in Maryland Will Lose if Delaney Wins: A bit about the wannabe governor.
  24. The End of Fair Transportation Decisions: Some early reporting about the Road Kill Bill
  25. Chrys Kefalas Supported Heather Mizeur, Not Larry Hogan in 2014: The “Hogan Republican” didn’t actually support him
  26. Amie Hoeber is Pro-Abortion: The story that wound up in the Washington Post
  27. Left, Behind: Maryland’s Democrats are moving further to the left and further behind the times.
  28. Amie Hoeber: Dan Bongino Wasn’t a Serious Candidate: Attacking a popular conservative in a Republican Primary usually ends poorly, and this did.
  29. Craig Zucker Should Recuse Himself: Craig Zucker got to vote twice on a gubernatorial override
  30. Good News for Maryland Gun Owners: A positive story on 2nd amendment issues

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