The Delusions of Kevin Kamenetz on the Road Kill Bill

It’s been a bad year for Kevin Kamenetz. While he’s failed students, failed eastern Baltimore County, and prioritized a horse arena, he’s now taking aim at Governor Larry Hogan for the Road Kill Bill:

The political fighting over funding for transportation projects continued Wednesday, with Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz warning that Gov. Larry Hogan will face blowback if he cancels Baltimore Beltway projects.

“I challenge the governor to try and not fund the Beltway expansion projects that have already been placed in the six-year master plan for funding,” Kamenetz said. “I’m sure he’ll hear from frustrated drivers.”

Kamenetz was responding to Hogan’s declaration last week that four projects on the Beltway — also known as Interstate 695 — are among those at risk of not being funded as a result of a law requiring the state to rank transportation projects based on factors such as number of people served.

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The Office of the Attorney General, Department of Legislative Services and Democrats who control the General Assembly say the law allows the governor to ignore the rankings when making funding decisions, so long as a written explanation is given.

Doug Mayer, a spokesman for the governor, said Kamenetz doesn’t understand how the bill works.

“The person in Baltimore County who is going to have to answer to his constituents about why they supported the roadkill bill is the county executive,” Mayer said. “And we look forward to seeing that play out.”

So to recap the situation, Kevin Kamenetz is angry that Governor Hogan is following the letter of the law in a bill that was passed over his objection by Maryland Democrats. The same bill that Kevin Kamenetz is angry that Governor Hogan is enforcing is the same bill that Kevin Kamenetz praised at this press conference in April.

Once again Kevin Kamenetz and Maryland Democrats seem to have a problem with the reality of what is going on in our state. The Democrats railroaded a flawed transportation bill through the General Assembly without a Senate hearing, overrode Governor Hogan’s veto, and are now mad that the Governor is enforcing the law he never wanted in the first place. And let’s not forget that the Governor warned Democrats about the consequences of passing the Road Kill Bill nearly a year ago; none of what is being said by the Administration should be a surprise to anybody especially the Democrats that passed the bill in the first place.

If Kevin Kamenetz wants to criticize Governor Hogan for following the law, that’s his prerogative. However it does little more than expose Kamenetz as a hypocrite for being a cheerleader of the Road Kill Bill in the first place and places even more focus on the fact that Kamenetz has failed Baltimore County at every turn. His criticism is little more than the typical delusions of a whining ingrate.

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