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2016 In Review: 20 Highest Rated Shows

Take a listen to our 20 highest rated, most-listened to Red Maryland Network Programs from 2016:

  1. RMN Wake-Up Call #51: March 14, 2014 Ben Franklin said we have a Republic, if we can keep. Can we keep it in the face of a leader who is antithetical to our American values. You still think It Can’t Happen Here?
  2. RMN Wake-Up Call #53: March 16, 2016 What the DC Metro Shows us is that government monopolies don’t work
  3. Red Maryland Radio #293: December 8, 2016 Kamenetz Horse Arena; Hogan cuts Democrats at knees; squabbling in Anne Arundel; Speaker Busch nonsense
  4. Conservative Refuge Radio 4-12-2016 Schadenfreude; Criminal Justice Reform; Noah’s law; the cyclists agenda
  5. Conservative Refuge Radio 2016 Primary Edition look back at the long primary season and talk about our endorsements, controversies and more.
  6. RedMaryland NewsHour for 3/25/16 Governor Hogan’s budget passes House; Marijuana bills from the House hit the Senate; Black Baltimore City Republican candidates meet voters;
  7. The Air Raid: October 9, 2016 Conservatives and Trump
  8. The Air Raid: May 15, 2016 Embarrassing Dan Rodricks on infrastructure improvements
  9. Red Maryland Radio #289: November 10, 2016 General Election Recap and look toward 2018
  10. Red Maryland Radio #250: February 11, 2016 250th Episode Celebration; Poll Results; Mocking the Democrats
  11. Red Maryland Radio #247: January 14, 2015 Robin Ficker and David Vogt interviews; Poll Results
  12. RMN Wake-Up Call #81: April 25, 2016 Baltimore’s 50 years of Democratic rule aren’t going to be fixed by Sheila Dixon or by Catherine Pugh.
  13. RMN Wake-Up Call #71: April 11, 2016 Yesterday Red Maryland submitted a Public Information Act Request to the Office of Attorney General Brian Frosh concerning his involvement with AGs United for Clean Energy.
  14. The Air Raid: June 26, 2016 the Secular Coalition of Maryland,  a radical left-wing lobbying group that wants to ensure that people of faith do not have the ability to practice their religion freely
  15. Red Maryland Radio #292: December 1, 2016 MDGOP Convention Preview; Kevin Kamenetz and the sanctuary campuses
  16. Conservative Refuge Radio 4-19-2016 Maryland economic growth; skim milk; primary preview; why cyclists suck
  17. The Air Raid: July 10, 2016 remember the words of Jesus when he talked about the parable of the Samaritan in the Gospel of Luke
  18. Red Maryland Radio #294: December 15, 2016 Red Maryland Awards
  19. Red Maryland Radio #265: May 25, 2016 Staying in the GOP, Baltimore election mess, new School Superintendent
  20. RMN Wake-Up Call #82: April 26, 2016 Today is the Primary Election here in Maryland, and yes it is a time for choosing for conservative Republicans.

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