Meet Sajid Tarar

One of the surprising names announced as a candidate for Maryland Republican Party Chairman (which we broke exclusively at Red Maryland) was Sajid Tarar. Tarar is pictured above with former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, who undoubtedly is not a Republican. However, Tarar may be best known as the Muslim man who gave a prayer at the Republican National Convention:

He’s also a resident of Maryland. The Washington Post already talked about some of his brushes with the legal system here in our state:

According to Maryland court records, Tarar is 56. (He says he is 52.) Court records also indicate he failed repeatedly to pay his bills. There are four active cases against him — $3,515 for the Mid-Atlantic Car Wash Technology Inc.; $7,138 for SunTrust bank; $5,700 for the Jamestown Inlet Condo Council of Unit, and $6,619 for SunTrust.

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“I’m in business and in business things happen here and there,” he says.

There is a series of criminal complaints too, all filed over two days in 2009, related to a gas station that he used to own: selling cigarettes without a license (“It was a business, and you know the business people have these things. … I was not selling drugs,” he said.) A complaint for driving a bus without a trader’s license. “I’m not a driver. I never had a bus.”

Just as important to members of the Maryland Republican Central Committee is Mr. Tarar’s donor history. A simple search of the Maryland Campaign Reporting Information System shows that Mr. Tarar has never donated to a Maryland Republican candidate or the Maryland Republican Party in his life:

Mr. Tarar’s donations to however, include $4,000 to Martin O’Malley, over $2,500 to former Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Doug Gansler, and $2,500 to Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby.  He’s also given to noted playboy Jon Cardin and noted opponent to open government, Attorney General Brian Frosh.

Why is Saqib Tarar running for Maryland Republican Party Chairman when he has no history of supporting any Republicans other than Donald Trump? Why does he want to be Chairman of this party when he has not once donated to the State Party, to any Central Committee, or any Republican candidate? And why did the four Central Committee members who nominated him, Joe Collins Jr of Baltimore County, Jim Crawford of Charles County, Phil Parenti of Prince George’s County and Gus Alzona of Montgomery County , nominate somebody with such an extensive record of supporting Democrats?

More on this as it develops.

UPDATE, 8:32 PM: Tarar now claims he donated to “Lary Hogan” among other candidates.

There is of course absolutely no evidence of Tarar donating to Hogan or Ehrlich in the Campaign Finance records.

UPDATE, 11/29, 5:31 AM: Phil Parenti, who signed Tarar’s nominating papers, doesn’t even support him as a candidate. 

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