Maryland Democrats Silent on Violence Against Trump Supporters

Left-wing hate and violence came to Maryland today as a high-school student who supported Donald Trump was attacked at a high school in Montgomery County today:

A Trump supporter was knocked to the ground with a head injury after an altercation at an anti-Donald Trump protest in Rockville Wednesday.

No one involved was seriously injured.

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I didn’t vote for Trump, but the wave of violence sweeping across American from left-wing radicals egged on by the Democratic Party is a sickening attack on our republic, a sickening attack against the electoral process, and a repudiation of the peaceful transfer of power that has occurred in our country for over 200 years. This is not the way that things are supposed to be done in the United States. And that says nothing about colleges, universities, and public schools around the country who are doing their part into coddling Trump opponents with “safe spaces.” Elections have consequences, and somebody wins and other people lose.

The Maryland Democratic Party, unsurprisingly, has been completely radio silent about this attack against a high school student today. They have said absolutely nothing to condemn the attack. No Maryland Democrat has spoken up against the violence that we saw today at Richard Montgomery High School. No Democrats have condemned the violence in other places either, such as the Saturday night anti-Trump riots in Oregon that saw 71 people arrested.

Attorney General Brian Frosh was quick to jump on an “uptick” in “hate speech” after Election Day.  Treasurer Nancy Kopp was also quick to demand that Governor Larry Hogan condemn Trump and condemn. She did say “”This is wrong. It should have no place in Maryland. It should not be permitted in our communities.” But she said that only about alleged incidents such as the one Frosh referred to. Neither said a word about Democratic violence.

Are we to presume from their silence that the Maryland Democratic Party is supporting violence against Donald Trump voters? It certainly seems that way.

The Maryland Democratic Party should join all decent people of Maryland in condemning political violence against people regardless of whom they voted for. This kind of behavior has no place in a civil and sane society. But the fact that Maryland Democrats have yet to condemn the behavior already makes one wonder how opposed to it they really are. Refusal by the Maryland Democratic Party to condemn violence against Trump voters, such as the incident in Montgomery County today, should not be forgotten by anybody who believes in civil discourse. And if Maryland Democrats refuse to condemn this sort of violence, it can only mean that they are tacitly supporting it.

This behavior is sickening. But do any Maryland Democrats have the courage to say so?

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