Is Brian Frosh Next to be Deposed?

A story that got little notice in local media could create problems for Attorney General Brian Frosh. Two of Frosh’s collaborators on the AG’s United for Clean Power project find themselves getting ready to testify under oath in Dallas:

A federal judge has advised two Democratic attorneys general leading the charge against ExxonMobil to appear for pretrial testimony on their climate-change investigations.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey are scheduled to undergo depositions by Exxon attorneys on Dec. 13 in Dallas, according to the Thursday order by U.S. District Court Judge Ed Kinkeade.

Exxon is challenging the prosecutors’ subpoenas demanding thousands of documents and communications related to probes into whether the company committed fraud by misleading the public about its research on global warming.

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Exxon has argued that the investigations are politically motivated “witch hunts” that violate the First Amendment, while the Democrats have countered that “fraud” is not protected by the Constitution….

…“We have no choice but to defend ourselves against politically motivated investigations that are biased, in bad faith and without legal merit,” Mr. Jeffers said in a Friday statement. “We did not start this, but we will see it through and will vigorously defend ourselves against false allegations and mischaracterizations of our climate research and investor communications.”

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Schneiderman and Healey have been among the leaders of the AG’s United for Clean Power organization. Frosh signed on to the group early on. Since two of the Attorneys General have already been deposed to appear, one could assume that Exxon could also depose the other fifteen AG’s to appear as well, including Frosh.

Getting Frosh deposed and under oath may be the only way to find out what his involvement with AG’s United for Clean Power really is. Red Mayland submitted a Public Information Act request in April for all documents related to involvement with the group by Frosh and the Office of the Attorney General. A complaint to the Maryland Public Information Act Compliance Board was dismissed on technical grounds in September and eventually the complaint had to be abandoned all together due to difficulty in working with the Attorney General’s office on appealing the amount of fees the Attorney General’s office wished to charge.

Needless to say, Brian Frosh and the Office of the Attorney General are going to great lengths to cover up Frosh’s involvement with this organization.

A deposition of Frosh may be the only way for Marylanders to determine if Brian Frosh and the Office of the Attorney General are operating in an ethical manner. Their insistence on trying to keep documents about their involvement with this group out of public hands is troubling. That Frosh likely chose to help persecute organizations on political grounds should not be surprising to anybody aware of Frosh’s history, especially when one considers that Frosh joined up with Attorneys General going after Volkswagen, but refused to launch a probe regarding the activities of Planned Parenthood. It’s just unfortunate that Frosh and his staff are going to such great lengths to keep information about Frosh’s involvement with the group a secret and out of the hands of Marylanders who deserve to know just how deeply involved Frosh and his staff are in attempts to stifle free speech and dissent.

Time will tell, but it seems more likely everyday that Frosh got into something he shouldn’t have by joining up with this group.

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