Billy Shreve Causing More Drama in Frederick County

Frederick County Councilman and Republican Central Committee Chairman Billy Shreve can’t help himself from causing more drama in Republican politics in Frederick County:

Change could be on the way for the Frederick County Republican Central Committee.

Some members are readying to take action that could lead to the ouster of one of the elected members, a former chairwoman.

Republican officials in the county said some members of the committee want to remove JoeyLynn Hough, who Republican voters elected to the post in 2014.

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Hough and the current chairman, Billy Shreve, have not always seen eye-to-eye during their terms.

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Red Maryland has obtained a copy of the bylaw amendment in question:

As the article notes, the reasoning behind this effort is to try to remove JoeyLynn Hough from the Central Committee. Shreve and other members of the Central Committee believe that Hough, who is married to State Senator Michael Hough, leaked information to the Frederick News-Post regarding Shreve’s attempts to illegally funnel money from the Frederick County Republican Central Committee to the Donald Trump for Maryland campaign, and effort that was eventually halted by the Maryland Republican Party and costing the state party $12,000 that could be better spent trying to re-elect Governor Larry Hogan in 2018.

Bizarrely, Councilman Shreve is trying to pretend that this is somehow just business as usual for the Frederick County GOP

Shreve dismissed the proposed change in bylaws as normal procedure.

“Through the course of time, we change things,” Shreve said. “… In general, the central committee, since I’ve been on it, has had turnover of about one person per year.”

“I don’t know everything or control everything” on the central committee, Shreve said.

As I wrote previously, Billy Shreve has had a pretty bad year, between his efforts to illegally fund the Trump for Maryland campaign, the cancellation of the Frederick County Lincoln Day cancellation, and his trashing of Governor Hogan, But the idea of changing the Central Committee bylaws solely to target a particular member for removal is petty, juvenile, and asinine. One would expect better behavior from an elected official, but it has been proven time and time again this year that when it comes to being a member of the Central Committee that Billy Shreve can always fail to meet the lowest of expectations.

It’s fortunate that Shreve is not intending to serve another year as Chairman because it’s clear that Frederick County, a county that is vitally important to the re-election of Governor Hogan in 2018, needs an adult to lead it for the next two years. Maybe a Chairman who can do the job competently and isn’t focused on their day job, daydreaming about running for higher office, or picking fights with a popular State Senator and his wife. The County party and the state party need Frederick County to do better.

The Frederick County Central Committee would be wise to reject bylaw amendments targeted at a specific member of their committee and instead focus on preparing for 2018 and finding a candidate who can defeat County Executive Jan Gardner in the General Election.

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