Playtime’s Over; On to the Main Event

Now that the Presidential Election has passed in Maryland, everybody can refocus their eyes on the larger prize.
727 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes from now, polls will close in Maryland for the 2018 gubernatorial election. It is not at all hyperbole to say that Governor Larry Hogan’s is the biggest election of our lifetime here in our state?
Why is the election so important? Redistricting. Governor Hogan’s work on redistricting is still ongoing. Despite heavy opposition from the Democratic establishment, Governor Hogan remains committed to passing meaningful redistricting reform in our state. Such reform will ensure that gerrymandered districts, such as those offered by Parris Glendening in 2002 and Martin O’Malley in 2012, can never happen again. Through this meaningful reform redistricting would become less of a political process and our districts would be more fair and equitable across the state.
Even if the Democrats continue to stall reform plans, Governor Hogan’s re-election in 2018 will ensure that he controls the redistricting process.
So what does Governor Hogan’s re-election mean to you? It means reform. It means fairly drawn legislative districts. It means that single-member districts in the House of Delegates instead of the unfair, arbitrary decisions made determining which districts will be single-member, two-member, or three-member districts.
It means that the Democratic monopoly, ensconced in power through redistricting, will be broken forever.
We at Red Maryland have been focused on the Governor’s re-election since right after the 2014 election. So have the Democrats, who withheld resources from other states in order to keep volunteers and money in Maryland. And their Hogan Derangement Syndrome is a noted phenomenon as they try to figure out which member from their thin bench is going to be their candidate for Governor in two years.
Things are looking up right now. The Washington Post noted that Governor Hogan is considered a favorite for re-election. But now is not the time to be complacent. Now’s the time to focus on the Governor’s re-election, on making the case for conservative principles, and ensuring the election of more conservatives up and down the ballot next year.
Playtime’s over. Let’s get ready.

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