An Open Letter to All Voters from a First-Generation Immigrant

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It is election time and the country faces a tough choice.  The choice is tough because the leading candidates are not perfect. They both have major flaws but one candidate is more flawed than another.  The choice is between a crude and inarticulate real estate developer versus a bad actress and corrupt public servant that still lacks an understanding of the economy and knowledge of foreign policy.  At its heart, though, the choice is not that tough.  By voting for Mrs. Clinton, we would be voting to accept corruption and pay-to-play in American government – a new normal that is very common in the third world countries.

To make my case, I will not be bore you with reciting all of Hillary Clinton’s scandals:  the Goldman Sachs’ speeches and their payments; foreign government “donations” to the Clinton Foundation; Benghazi; a personal email server with thousands missing emails; coordination of the email investigation with FBI; the DNC rigged primaries; coordination between the media and the Clinton campaign evidenced in the WikiLeaks’ archives.  The list so long that there is no way you can just simply put everything on a few pages.


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America has been going through a dramatic transformation during the past 10 years that I would have never imagined when I immigrated here 16 years ago from the former Soviet Union.  As a young adult, I witnessed first- hand socialism, totalitarianism and carefully controlled media. I also witnessed first-hand the collapse of a once empire into small pieces, though at the time people did not know what was happening to them because media did not cover it.

In this fundamentally transformed America, “nationalism”, “sovereignty” and “rule-of-law” are new dirty words.  People who speaks out about protecting the boarders and sovereignty of the once great country the United States of America get labeled as bigots, deplorable and racists.  Are they racists and bigots if they simply want the rule-of-law in their country? If they want people to follow the immigration law when they enter the county?

A similar spirit is rising across the world. This summer the world witnessed a ‘miracle’ that the polls said couldn’t happen, Brexit.  Knowing the British people and their spirit, it was not surprising, though.  Culture is important because it’s what defines your country and you.  The British government and European Union were shocked and the only reason they were shocked is because they lost touch with their people.

In another part of the world, in the Central Asia (former Soviet Union) where demonstrations are very rare something unthinkable happened this summer. Recently, the BBC reported on a new land law in Kazakhstan.  The law that allows Kazakhstani land to be sold or leased at actions to foreign investors. Kazakhstani people have begun to concern about the future of their county and took it to the streets.  As BBC reports, “The law fuels one of the protesters’ biggest fears – that Chinese investors will come and buy out their land.”  One of the protester shouted “We can’t give land to the Chinese. If they come, they won’t leave!”  Another protestor said, “After 25 years, they will stay for 65. After 65 their descendants will take Kazakhstani’s citizenship and our descendants will be their slaves.”  Another protestor stated” You know how things are done in Kazakhstan, corruption is everywhere,” “People simply don’t trust.”

At home in Maryland, I spent 11 hours on Primary Election Day outside an election poll in Damascus, but it did not feel that long because that day I saw Bernie and Trump supporters coming out on foot to vote even though they had to walk for a long time.  With no support from party officials, activists came to post Bernie signs.  I saw first generation Hispanic immigrants that told me if they would be allowed to vote for Trump 10 times they would vote for Trump 10 times.  Bernie and Trump were the people’s candidates in 2016.  The established politicians have walked away from these candidates but not the people.  People have looked to outsider candidates because they have lost trust in politicians who sold everything including their souls to their highest bidder. Though Gov. Hogan (R) has not endorsed his fellow Republican Trump he has been one of the best Governors ever with a 71 percent approval rating because he too is an outsider to the political machines.

The biggest October surprise is not the WikiLeaks release of damaging Clinton e-mails, but the rising cost of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Obama’s domestic policies are falling apart.  In Philadelphia, just two insurers in Obamacare  are left and premiums are expected to rise 53 percent.  Many states including Maryland will experience a rise of 25 percent.   At the same time, the Social Security for 2017 will only be increased cost-of-living adjustment for 2017.   Retirees will likely see just a $4.00 increase in their checks beginning in January.  In the meantime, the stock market is propped up by Federal Reserve policies that favors the Wall Street and steals savings from the savers and Social Security recipients.

Mrs. Clinton will lose Pennsylvania.  The data, the atmosphere, everything points to one direction, one direction only- Mrs. Clinton will lose the site of the Democratic National convention gathered and where Mrs. Clinton was coronated as the presidential candidate.  The same place where the Democratic National Committee was exposed by the WikiLeaks showing the dirtiness of the Clinton’ politics and how Senator Bernie Sanders and his supporters were cheated.

Please do not accept corruption as the new culture of America.  If America fails so does the rest of the world.  Go out and vote! Vote for someone who is not corrupt!  The presidential candidates that are on the ticket in Maryland are Gary Johnson (L); Jill Stein(G); Donald Trump (R) and Hillary Clinton (D).  All three candidates Johnson, Stein and Trump have one common denominator -they are not known by all to be personally corrupt.  Or write in a candidate.  I may not agree with much of what Senator Sanders campaigned on, but at least Bernie is not corrupt.


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