Will Media ask these Democrats why they Back the Racist?

On Sunday’s episode of The Air Raid I talked about the way the mainstream media, particularly the Baltimore Sun, gives political cover to the allegations of racism and discrimination against Democrats.

One such racist is Howard County Sheriff Jim Fitzgerald, whom the Washington Post has labeled “The Poster Child for Bigotry.” One, who at least based on his press conference this morning, will not resign and has no regrets for his racist and anti-semitic activity. Many Democrats have called on Fitzgerald for resign since the story broke. But despite there being an investigation into Fitzgerald’s office for a long, long time, such allegations of racism certainly didn’t stop them from appearing in this photograph with Fitzgerald at a Howard County Democratic Party picnic last year.

Picture from the Howard County Democratic Labor Day Picnic. Photo credit:

The caption at the Maryland Reporter story notesThe motley crew at a Howard County Democratic Labor Day Picnic included Congressmen John Sarbanes and Chris Van Hollen, the latter running for U.S. Senate; Attorney General Brian Frosh; State Sen. Guy Guzzone; four members of the House of Delegates; Sheriff Jim Fitzgerald; four members of the County Council; School Board member Janet Siddiqi; lots of members of the Democratic Central Committee and former candidates.

Now of course which prominent Howard County Democrats donated to Fitzgerald’s campaign over the years? Well, glad you asked.

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Some of the prominent Democratic names on here include:

  • County Councilman Calvin Ball, the likely Democratic nominee for County Executive;
  • Senator Guy Guzzone;
  • Nyab Siddiqui, a Howard County Democratic Party Central Committee member, rainmaker and husband to Howard County Board of Education Member Janet Siddiqui;
  • Lou Ulman, father to former County Executive Ken Ulman.

Now, maybe at the time of this picture these Democrats didn’t know how much of a repugnant racist Jim Fitzgerald was. Maybe the donors when they opened up their checkbooks didn’t know what Fitzgerald was all about.

But these Democrats have publicly supported a blatant racist.

And this, in a nutshell, shows you the difference in coverage between how media such as the Baltimore Sun covers these issues when it happens to Democrats as opposed to when it happens to Republicans. Sure, the Sun has covered calls for Fitzgerald’s resignation. But there has not been a witch hunt trying to associate prominent Democrats with Fitzgerald’s remarks as there has been to associate Republicans with similarly controversial remarks. How many times, for example, has Governor Larry Hogan been asked about something stupid that Donald Trump said?

I can only assume that these Democrats do not support Jim Fitzgerald’s positions on race. That we don’t know shows once again the double standard that local media uses a double standard when covering race issues depending on if the subject is a Democrat or a Republican.

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