Red Maryland Appeals OAG Decision to Maryland Public Information Act Compliance Board

Red Maryland has appealed a decision made by the Office of the Attorney General to the Maryland Public Information Act Compliance Board.

In April, Red Maryland submitted a Public Information Act request to the Office of Attorney General Brian Frosh for documents related to the Attorney General’s involvement in AGs United for Clean Energy. You can read more about our reasoning behind this request at the link.

In the months since then, we have been working with the Office of the Attorney General to release these documents. The Office of the Attorney General was willing to release these documents at fee that was far too exorbitant for the small, citizen-based type of media outlet that Red Maryland is.

Curiously, one of the reasons that was cited for the decision of the Office of the Attorney General’s reason not to release the documents free of charge to Red Maryland was the fact that we are often “editorial” in nature, something that is not considered in the law.

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We are continuing to pursue these documents after all of this time because we believe that you have a right to know if the Office of the Attorney General is engaging behavior that would chill the free speech rights of individuals and groups within the State of Maryland. While it is the right of the Attorney General to have a political opinion one way or the other on environmental issues, he does not have the right to use the Office of the Attorney General and the machinations of the State of Maryland to compel any group or organization to suffer based solely on their opinion of scientific data or their political positions on a given issue.

As always, we will keep you up to date as it relates to this complaint.


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